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A Quick Look at The SD Keychain ecig

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I’m not sure what made me decide to buy one of these SD Keychain ecigs. I wasn’t really in the market for a small battery ecig- but something piqued my curiosity and the order was placed. The SD was created by Trog, the same Trog that created the original Screwdriver PV mod. The SD is a very small and pocket-able ecig with an automatic switch and 510 threads. At 300Mah and 3.7v, it’s not an all day device for a heavy vaper- but it beats a 510 stick battery in performance any day.

So far, I’ve put about 3-4 charges through my SD keychain and I have to say- this thing hits really well with an LR cartomizer. Included in the package were 2 standard cartos that tested at around 3.5Ohm. The cartos are prefilled, mine were “CML” flavor, which was a tobacco flavor. After a few pulls on the pre-filled cartos, I quickly threw on an LR carto with juice of my choosing. The SD Keychain produces nice clouds of vapor and is satisfying.

The battery charge lasts me between 4-5 hours, and it takes equally as long to charge.

The only negative that I’ve experienced is when I put on an atomizer. First attempt with an LR atty and it wouldn’t fire. Second attempt was with a LR HH 357 and it produced a small puff and then nothing- as if it was dead. Going back to the carto and everything was fine again. That’s not much of a deal breaker IMO as I would ruin the SD if I used an atty on it by over-dripping.

All in all, for the price this is a neat little unit to keep in your pocket, car or as a spare device for at work. It would be an economical way for anybody to easily decide if vaping will work for them. Since the SD isn’t a kit, nor a pass-through -this unit is not intended to be used as your only ecig. *If you are just starting out with ecigs- make sure to either get two, or look into more robust kits such as an Ego. The SD will make a great back-up, but you won’t want to wait for it to charge if it’s your only unit and you “were” a heavy smoker or are a heavy vaper.

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300mah Battery
510 atomizer connection
Auto “suck” switch
Length without cartomizer 44mm
Cartomizer length 35mm

Package contents:
1 x SD Keyring ecig battery
2 x cartomizers
1 x USB powered automatic charger
1 x lanyard tether (attached to battery)

**These have an automatic switch- so drippers beware.

Price: $19.95 (I bought mine at



SD Keychain with a REO Grand

SD Keychain ecig

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