serendipity E-Liquid Reviews

Serendipity E-Liquid Review

Being that the only flavors I’ve tried from happens to be in my “All Day Vape” category, I decided to try another in hopes to add it to that list. I was told that Serendipity has that candy taste, a taste that I’ve always been so fond of… so, with my latest iVape order, I had to add it to the cart. Skipping ahead a few days, I opened the bottle of Serendipity E-Liquid, gave it a quick sniff and yep, I smelt candy.

Taste/Flavor: The taste of Serendipity, to me, tastes exactly like strawberry pop rocks. It’s a strong flavor that has that rainbow’ish type taste to it, so at first it’s a bit tough to put your finger on what flavor it resembles. Just like the other iVape e-liquid’s that I’ve tasted, the taste was very clean and crisp and was a delight to pour into my T3 Sol Fuego.

Throat Hit: If you’re looking for a throat hit from this Serendipity, then I’m sorry to disappoint  You won’t get a throat hit at all from this e-liquid. Serendipity is one of those flavors that I think shouldn’t have a throat hit anyways. It’s one of those fun and ‘sit back’ type enjoying flavors.

Vapor: Matched with a good cartomizer/atomizer at higher voltage/wattage, you’ll pull clouds from Serendipity. The mild smell it produces once you exhale the vapor will leave those around you wanting some too!

Overall: I like the taste of Serendipity as it reminds me of that crackling pop rocks flavor I used to love when I was a kid. It’s nice how certain e-liquid flavors can bring back some good memories. I’ve noticed though, it’s one of those flavors for me that I can’t keep vaping non-stop. Vape Serendipity for a day and then come back to it a few days later for a fun and tasteful vape. I definitley recommend you trying Serendipity from

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