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Gangnam Style Dancing Baby In E-Cigarette Ad

An E-Cigarette Ad starring a Gangnam Style dancing baby. You may have noticed a few ads lately for electronic cigarettes, but nothing as hilarious as this.

In this ad, a family is gathered around the living room with all attention towards the baby. The father stands up and hints to the mother that he’s going outside for a smoke by tapping his shirt pocket – a normal place where tobacco smokers hold the pack of cigarettes. As the father exits, the grandma holds her arms out urging the baby to take its first steps to her – What she gets is more than just a few steps, she gets a baby busting out a dance made by a popular Korean pop star. After the baby shows off his moves, the baby drops to his butt and continues to play with his toys. About that time, the father walks back in and says “So, what did I miss?”.

It’s apparent that the e-cigarette company wanted to capitalize on the ability to use electronic cigarettes indoors – where a smoker would usually hop outside for a smoke break and miss moments like a baby’s first steps, or in this case – a baby’s first gangnam style imitation.

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