Island Punch E-Liquid Review

Island Punch E-Liquid Review

Island Punch holds one of the most delicious fruit flavors and one I know pretty well from vapor and drinks. A fruitful and delicious tasting vape from this Island Punch E-Liquid.

Sitting in a fresh Boge cartomizer, Island Punch doesn’t carry any type of kick or beating to your throat. I get a smooth and summer feel to this most relaxing fruit flavored vape.

The Island Punch flavor name describes this MadVapes E-Liquid best – this is one you can sit back, take a smooth and thick inhale and just like a sigh of relief, exhale the delicious pineapple and punch mix – it’s simply a relaxing vape. (it tastes pretty close to my favorite mixed drink “rum runner”). The ‘punch’ flavor and the pineapple don’t over-power one another. It tastes about even in flavors. – If you want to be sure to get that big boost in flavor, I recommend ordering something like 60% PG and 40% VG – which would better suit my personal tastes.

In this Boge cartomizer and just like with many other e-liquid flavors, I’m producing a good amount of vapor. With it being 80% VG, it’s producing a thick vapor cloud, but the 20% PG isn’t upsetting with flavor.

If you’re interested in Island Punch E-Liquid or any other flavors like this, visit

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