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VaperCon 2011

I still haven’t caught up on sleep. The road trip was over 20 hours each way. My body feels like it was hit by a truck- but it was all worth it! Vapercon 2011 was a success in my book. At mid-day Saturday, all of the 500 name badges were used- and more vapers were coming. Getting to meet a large sampling of the community in person was a thrill. We had a chance to show several smokers a better alternative on the trip- and then even re-visted some to pass out disposables to test. The response once they realize they can be smoke-free is always awesome to see. I never get sick of the “it’s a miracle” response- that was my experience as well when I discovered e-cigs and vaping.

I tried to get more videos and pics, but between server and battery issues- I don’t feel I captured the essence very well. It’s best you try to experience the next meet in person.

It’s time to shower and wash the PG/VG of the road-trip off.

Thanks Vapercon 2011- and to the wonderful community that we have.

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