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Guide To Vaping’s 10 Most Favored Flavors 2013

Throughout my time here on GuideToVaping, I’ve thankfully had the opportunity to try a mountain of e-liquid flavors. Though some didn’t agree with my particular taste, there have been plenty that were my most favorite. In fact, many of the e-liquid reviews you see here on GuideToVaping, after I tried the flavors, I’ve become a long time customer of them.

Since I’m asked pretty often what my favorite flavors are, here’s a list of my 10 most favored e-liquid flavors in 2013. (In no particular order)

Tip: I want all of you to understand that I enjoy these particular flavors for long periods of time because I rotate them frequently.
Tip: Just because I like these flavors, doesn’t mean you will. I tend to enjoy fruit, candy and beverage flavors the most.

  1. Rip Tide – This has a candy taste, much like a jolly rancher. It comes with just a dab of menthol, which makes it perfect.
  2. Pink Spot – Only offering you hints of multiple flavors, it’s hard to pin-point flavors. It’s unique and very good.
  3. Summer Detox – This flavor is confusing. One minute I think it’s one thing, another time I think it’s something else. Confusing, but delicious.
  4. Abyss – Many flavors to confuse you, but a grape flavor stuck out the most. Nom Nom!
  5. Raspberry Banana – This mix of raspberry and banana is perfect. This is the best banana flavor I’ve vaped.
  6. Pearalyzing Peach – This flavor was released as a “GuideToVaping Exclusive” just because I could not keep my hands off of it.
  7. Vape The Rainbow – Best way to describe this flavor is… Skittles.
  8. Blackberry Lemonade – The name describes itself, but it’s just one of those flavors you’ll have to try.
  9. Cherry Limeade – Sweet, but sour… it’s one of those flavors again that you’ll just have to try for yourself.
  10. Blue Water Punch – Easiest to describe, it tastes exactly like blue punch.

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