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Tennessee Jail To Sell E-Cigarettes To Inmates

A Jail in Tennessee plans to sell E-Cigarettes to inmates in hopes to raise enough money to fund staff and facility.

Just when you think e-cigarettes may start to slow down on its ongoing spotlight, they don’t. They’re in the news now because a Tennessee Jail makes use of them by serving yet another purpose for the world to benefit from… selling the e-cigarettes to inmates.

Starting Tuesday, The Macon County Jail will offer e-cigarettes to inmates starting Tuesday. They’re being sold to inmates who crave nicotine, as a way to raise money to fund the facility, reported from a Nashville TV station (WSMV).

Though many question if the fundraising idea may lead to a bigger problem of addiction. Sheriff Mark Gammons said “one of the hottest items inmates try sneak into the jail is cigarettes. With the e-cigarette program, authorities can control which inmates get to buy them and when they get their nicotine hit.”

Gammons said the e-cigarettes will be made especially for jail use, so they don’t have any sharp edges. The Nashville TV station, WSMV reported the specially made e-cigarettes will sell for $13.50 a piece. The e-cigarette is also said to offer about 500 puffs and being disposable, making inmates unable to recharge it.

What a genius idea in my opinion. E-cigarettes are proving to serve many purposes in the world, and this one will prove to be a very beneficial one to the men and women who keep the criminals in check.

With this program, it will cut down on inmates trying to sneak traditional cigarettes into jail and it’ll put more money into the facility and staff – A win / win situation, right?

Do you think this is a good or bad idea? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  3. I think this is a good idea ,I was a smoker and I remember how tense you get when you want a cigarette .I think this will help relieve some of the stress they are feeling .Thank you .

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