Top 5 Best Mouth-To-Lung Tanks
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Top 5 Best Mouth-To-Lung Tanks

The Top 5 Best Mouth-To-Lung Tanks Include:

Name Tank Capacity Coil Options Adjustable Airflow Top Fill
VaporFi Vibe Tank 3.5 mL Yes Yes Yes
VaporFi Pro 3 Tank 2.5 mL No No Yes
Kanger TopTank Mini 4.0 mL Yes Yes Yes
Aspire Nautilus BVC Tank 5.0 mL Yes Yes No
Aspire Nautilus X MTL Tank 2.0 mL No Yes Yes

Both above and below you see a list of the top 5 best mouth-to-lung clearomizer tanks.  Above we’ve created a table so that you can quickly see how each tank compares to the other.  However, we want you to keep in mind that just because one tank doesn’t have the features another may offer, doesn’t mean it should be overlooked.  The VaporFi Pro 3 Tank features a small tank, doesn’t have coil options, and doesn’t have the adjustable airflow feature, yet it’s one of the highest rated MTL clearomizer tanks within the vaping community (click on the products name and go check out some of the reviews left by other buyers).  These tanks are placed in no particular order.

1.  VaporFi Vibe Tank

VaporFi Vibe TankThe VaporFi Vibe is an incredible tank that can be used for mouth-to-lung or direct-lung vapers.  It presents a fantastic appearance, featuring a cup leak-resistance design.  The tank on this bad boy has a 3.5mL capacity, and it also incorporates other features, such as a top fill design and top adjustable airflow with 5 airflow holes.

There are a couple of options for its coils so that you can take advantage of this tank completely, and it starts with its pre-installed 0.25ohm Notch-Coil and its additional 0.5ohm SS316 Coil that will allow you to take control of the temp control feature on your device.  It’s an overall great tank with matching performance that will deliver an awesome vaping experience.


2.  VaporFi Pro 3 Tank

VaporFi Pro 3 TankThe VaporFi Pro 3 Tank is one that comes highly recommended by the vaping community, receiving many great reviews by the buyers themselves.  This tank is considered one of the best mouth to lung tanks on the market, which is all due to its tight airflow design and 2.0ohm pre-installed coil.  Along side its great performance, it also boasts features like its 2.5mL tank capacity, its top fill design, and its pyrex glass tank.

One of the additional features that’s noteworthy would be its no-spill coil swap system, which is a designed that allows you to easily replace the coil in the tank without any potential of leaking or without having to first empty the tank.  This feature of course isn’t a must to enjoy this tank, but it sure does make your time with the tank that much easier.  This is one we’re sure you’ll enjoy.


3.  Kanger TopTank Mini

Kanger TopTank MiniThe Kanger TopTank Mini isn’t nessicarily a mouth-to-lung tank, but it can be used as one due to its great adjustable airflow control and coil options.  The great thing about this tank is that not only can you use it for both MTL and DL styles of vaping, but there are other manufacturers that offer aftermarket coils for this tank.  And who knows, you might enjoy MTL now, but may want to move over to DL at a later date — if so, this is a great tank that is very versatile.

Sporting a stainless steel construction, a pyrex glass tank, and a large 4mL tank capacity, this is one you’ll definitely want to pull your attention towards.  It features an awesome top fill design, it has incredible adjustable airflow control, and it’s bombarded with plenty of other features, such as an included delrin drip tip, a pre-installed 0.15ohm SSOCC Ni200 coil head, it comes with an additional 0.5ohm SSOCC coil head, and if you’re looking to go a little advanced there’s also an included Mini RBA Deck Plus that allows you to build the coils yourself.  The list keeps going on because this tank literally has it all.


4.  Aspire Nautilus BVC Tank

Aspire Nautilus BVC TankThe Aspire Nautilus is known for its performance and reliability, and the features this tank offers is a prime example of why.  The Aspire Nautilus BVC Tank not only looks high-end with its full glass tube, but it has the performance to back it as well.  For starters, it offers adjustable airflow control that allows you to truly dial in on the performance.

Aside from its airflow, it features a bottom vertical coil system that performs outstandingly well, and you’ll be pleased when you use its 1.6ohm pre-installed coil, along with its 1.8ohm coil.  As you can tell from the resistance options, this tank was made for the MTL vaper, and to make this deal an even better one, this bad boy has a massive 5mL tank capacity.  How about that for an MTL tank!


5.  Aspire Nautilus X Tank

Aspire Nautilus X TankThe Aspire Nautilus X Tank is the latest addition to the Nautilus series, where it was designed specifically for MTL vapers.  It features a small 22mm by 45mm chassis, meaning you only get a 2mL tank capacity, but the performance and design is the part that makes this tank such as awesome one to use.

It features a full length coil design with U Tech coil technology, meaning the airflow enters from the top, redirects down and back up, passing through the coil structure twice.  With this type of design, you can expect an immense flavor experience.  Now as far as the coil goes, it’s a dual vertical coil, it uses organic cotton, and it’s 1.5ohm, meaning you can run it at 14 to 22 watts.  Other features include a top fill design, dual adjustable top airflow slots, an anti-leak design, gold plated contacts, a delrin drip tip, and the Nautilus X is constructed out of stainless steel and glass for its tank part.  Something noteworthy about this tank, it also comes with an addition 1.5ohm coil, an additional glass tank section, as well as a limited edition smoked glass tank section.  Did I forgot to mention this tank looks compact and awesome too?


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  • I seriously wonder, do you even MTL? Those tanks you mentioned are far from the best, okay maybe nautilus X is one of the better ones, but still, you failed to mention kayfun or rose, let alone the boutique vape such as kabuki. MTL is so much more than what you wrote here. I’m an exclusive MTL vapers for 4 years, and i disagree with this article.

      • I know exactly what I wrote. In fact, this article is based off of research I did throughout the vaping community, finding out what tanks MTL users prefer most. The list you see in this article is a result of that research, which included a whole list of MTL users agreeing on these products.

          • Calm your tits! If you argue with the choices I picked for this list, then argue with half of the MTL users on Reddit and other sites, as this list comes from research on what users enjoy most. Rebuildables weren’t chosen to be on this list. And, there’s nothing about me at all – I’m not an MTL user. So, uh, yea. Why would you let an article get you this mad? lol

    • Ive been hunting down all possible MTL tanks out there for years now and this list is absolute crap, the only one you got right is the nautilus which is up there but not the X and the rest on the list is just not even close. start looking at Squape, Rose, Kayfun’s, Expromizers, Pico’s thats MTL for you.

  • I personally LOVE the Kanger Toptank Mini! The coils last such a long time and I vape around 35 watts and it holds alot so I don’t have to fill it every couple of hours.I am a MTL vapor and I want flavor not vapor. I had problems with this tank initially leaking alot until I went to a local vape shop and they told me not to tighten the coils so much and I also fill the tank when changing a coil and let it sit in a small container overnight with the air flow open all of the way that way I can see leaks before putting it on my mod. Since I started doing this I haven’t had a tank leak on a mod overnight! So happy now!!! I also have a Crown 2 that is a so called DL but by restricting the airflow and using the .8 coils, it does great as a MTL tank! I wish I could find a tank that holds over 6mls and is 22mm! I HATE filling tanks and I don’t know why they don’t make them bigger as I can’t be the only person who wants a large capacity tank for the smaller mods. Sorry I rambled on lol!

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