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Complete Guide To The Smok G-Priv
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A Complete Guide To The SMOK G-Priv Mod

 G-Priv Mod Operation

Turning The G-Priv On For The First Time: After installing the batteries, the welcome screen will be briefly displayed, but the G-Priv is not yet operational. 5 rapid clicks of the oversized firing button will bring the beast to life, in which you will see the welcome screen displayed before the screen fills up with operational icons.  Pressing the power button 5 additional times will prompt the G-Priv to ask if you want to power it down.

Turning The Touchscreen On/Off: There is a small button directly over the firing button that will enable and disable the touch screen, effectively locking the mods adjustments.  If the mod fires but you have no access to the menu system, hitting it will open everything up for you.

Adjusting The Wattage: With the screen unlocked — and operating in VW mode — you will see a large circle at the top of the screen. Adjusting the wattage is as simple as touching one side of the circle.  Left will reduce the wattage, right will increase it.  Each time you change the atomizer on top the G-Priv will ask if it’s a new coil and adjust itself accordingly.

Main Menu Screen: Hitting the back key in the top left corner will take you out to the main menu.

VW Mode: This will give you access to the back end of the VW menu.  You will find the “effects” panel, the ramp/curve of the coil to optimal temperature, as well as a slider to rapidly increase/decrease wattage.  At the bottom you will see an “Activate” slider — if you want to use wattage mode, make sure this is turned on.  Hitting the fire button will take the screen back to normal operation mode.

TC Mode: This will give you access to the mods wide array of temperature control settings.

  • “Material” is self explanatory, it gives you access to Nickel, Stainless Steel and Titanium options, although it doesn’t let you specify the type of metal you will be using but the TCR settings are just underneath.
  • “Preheat” allows you to determine the wattage of the coils before the temperature control settings kick in, almost working like the ramp in wattage mode.  You never want to set this too high as it could instantly fry your coils.
  • “ADJ TCR” while the presets give you a rough estimate of the wires capabilities, TCR codes will allow you to fine tune your settings.  TCR codes are available on various websites and knowing which are right for your 316 Stainless Steel coils can be the difference between a happy vapor and a mouthful of A$$.
  • “Initial Ohms” allows you to manually set the resistance of the wire and should be used sparingly.  TC coils should always be installed at room temperature for the greatest success.

To fire the mod in TC, make sure “Activate” is turned on and press the fire button.

Max Puffs:  While most people ignore this, you can keep track of the number of times you took a draw from your mod and you can set a maximum number of puffs.

Settings: This screen gives you access to the screen timeout menu, date and time settings, as well as a factory reset.  With all of the other settings screens on the G-Priv, having this almost seems redundant — unless of course you have managed to completely decimate every setting that the device had when it was created.


We believe that we have covered every aspect of the G-Priv’s operation and, should you decide that the G-Priv is the mod for you, we truly hope this helps.  Should you have any questions, or feel that we have missed anything, let us know in the comments below!

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