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SMOK GX350 Complete Guide
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A Complete Guide To The SMOK GX350 Mod

GX350 Menu Operation

Menu Navigation

Before we go any further into the operation guide, from this point forward remember that if you make a mistake during the programming all you have to do is wait for about 20 seconds for the menu system to take you back to the home screen.  Call it a fail safe system, pressing nothing will take you back to the beginning.

  • Confirming Options & Entering Sub Menu’s:  Pressing the fire button three times will get you inside the menu, and from here the menu options are simple and self-explanatory for the most part.  Long pressing any option will confirm it and take you through to the next screen.

Temperature & Wattage Mode

  • TEMP:  Choose between different wire types for coils, adjust the initial resistance of the coils, and input TCR codes if the wire isn’t supported by the GX350.  Adjusting the wattage between 15 and 350 watts in the menu system may seem strange in the back end of temperature control, but it really comes in handy for locking down the power.
  • WATT:  Choose between  Min/Norm/Hard/Soft/Max strength effects.

Puff Counter

  • Puff Settings:  As with almost every other SMOK device from the last year and a half, the GX350 keeps track of the number of hits you’ve taken, and you can use this option to tell it to set a maximum number of hits or just reset it.


The settings option allows you to fine tune the overall function of the GX350.  These settings range from screen time, screen lock, contrast, screen direction, and the ability to adjust the resistance of an attached coil.

  • Screen Time:  Set the amount of time the screen remains lit when the fire button is pressed in and activated.
  • Screen Lock:  Automatic lock, turned on/off.
  • Contrast:  Increase or decrease the screen brightness to lengthen the battery life.
  • Screen Direction:  Allows you to flip the screen 180 degrees.
  • Adjust Ohms: If, for some reason the Ohm reader built into the device is reading your coils wrong, you can manually set them here.


If you have used any other SMOK device, this menu system will be easy to navigate and simple to use.  If you are new to SMOK products however, everything has been laid out to make the GX350 as user friendly as possible.  If this guide has helped you in any way, we would be thrilled if you could share it via your social networks.  We work hard researching information about these devices, how to use them, and all of their functions, then we write them down in an effort to help our fellow vapers.  Your help in making sure other vapers see this guide is very appreciated.

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  • I tried to update the firmware on mine and the moment I clicked download on the settings my screen went black and now it will not turn on. Even with the batteries fully charged.

  • I’ve had a dream my gx350 for about 2 weeks and it’s worked perfectly until now, I have 2 4 sets of batteries and both sets are fully charged but i put them in and it won’t turn on

  • Ok i got the GX350 I want to see if they had a update for it and I believe I may have loaded G320 firmware in is and Im trying to figure out how to undo what i did any ideas/info?

      • well it has to have had a firmware update…i bought mine when it first came out and 2 months later bought 1 for my wife…mine is running v1.0.9 and hers is running v 1.1.1. but going to there website there is no official release for the device and now mine is having an issue…i can vape on it but it hits really weak. i have tried my tank on hers and the tank hits just fine…its something to do with my mod as i put her tank on my mod and it has the same issue

    • This is the most obvious, but I need to ask if you’ve turned the device on with 5 clicks to the fire button? If that isn’t the issue, I would recommend contacting the store you’ve purchased the device from and see what they can do to fix the issue or replace the device.

    • That is because one of the up-down buttons is stuck in the depressed mode. Dirt or eliquid may have entered that button. You need to figure out which side is sticking an flick it repeatedly until the inner button rectifys.

  • Ok so I am now on my second gx350 its been maybe a month since I’ve had this one and about a couple weeks on the first one. I love the mod and am pleased with all the settings and control I have with it. My problem with it and this being my second one with married batteries which I always use 4, is that the screen dims down then just disappears out of no where with my batteries being close to over half way. Is this a common problem with theses mods or am I just getting defective ones.

  • I’m having a problem with my gx350 vape. some how my vape screen is on stealth mode. how do I turn on my screen?

  • you stated in your review (smok also states it the user guide) that to get to the menu all you have to do is click the fire button 3 times with the system in UNLOCK mode. this actually caused me a bit of confusion, and cussing. to get to the menu the system needs to be in LOCK mode. please edit this, since you’re trying to help and all.

  • Hi. I recently purchased a GX350 and it keeps displaying, “check battery”. I have tried everything from sealing the battery positions to using different batteries of the same type. Is this a normal problem or did I do something wrong? I would very much appreciate some help.

    • Make sure your atomizer is making a solid connection on the device. Usually the check battery comes up when you don’t have an atomizer attached to the device or if it isn’t making a solid connection. See if that helps.

  • You can also quickly lock and unlock the GX350 by simultaneously pressing the up and down buttons, much simpler than pressing the fire button 5 times each time

  • just bought a GX350 and after firing for a short period I can hear a faint clicking sound? is this normal?

  • Bought smok gx350 brand new and had few days when i click watt button to change watts it keeps unlock and locking i havnt drop it

  • My smok GX350 said timeout and started turning it’s its self on after one push of the botten! I’m not happy with this mod now! It just did it out of no where it was in the car like i went to Wal-Mart and game back and it said “timeout” then I got the botton and then i let it go and it would stop it was like I was holding the botten down but I wasnt. Well i charged my battery and then it came out then it did it again well now it won’t even come on!… so I’m mad because I spant $220 for it and now it won’t work!

    • You spent $220 for the GX350??? Hahaha! Dang, somebody got you good on that one! You can buy them for $150 from the SMOK website, I got mine for $129.99 from the vape shop I go to.

  • So when I fire it, it goes directly to mode:watts, I cannot switch to temp or anything else it goes away i click the menu button 5 times and it just locks and unlocks back and forth, which also means my watts at the same number

  • my four batteries are all fully charged, but where it says how charged they are on the screen, it shows one fully charged and the other is empty. How do i fix it

  • Do you know when smok will be coming out with an update? My gx350 is acting crazy and when it turns on it will just go from dim and bright and won’t turn on

    • I do not. I recommend following their facebook page and check back on their website for updates. I think I read in past comments on this page that you can load the default firmware to fix some issues.

  • This is my second GX350, The first one worked fine for a month until the screen dimmed out completely over the course of a week. Now I’ve had my second one for 3 days and the dimming has begun again. Is there any way to stop this in it’s tracks or possibly reverse the issue?

  • I have brought so many smok devices about 10 different ones and I had issues with 3 of them and I just trashed them because there is no way on getting in contact with Smok support I tried everything and now I have the Smok gs350 with so many issues and I only have it for about 2 months im just going to stop supporting and buying any Smok products they don’t care about us the customers not a good way on doing business

    • With the 5th SMOK device not working for you, you should have considered moving to another brand. I’m not sure why you’re having so many issues with the SMOK products you’re purchasing. I’ve used several SMOK products, in which I haven’t had a single issue with. After purchasing these products, you should reach out to the store you purchased from to get support through them. These stores should be showing you better customer service and support. If not, you shouldn’t continue purchasing from them.

      • I have problem with my gx350
        Mod say Too Hot and start to countdown 30 seconds,afther 30 seconds try to vaping but it’s same
        What the problem and how to fix??
        Thank you!

        • Undoubtedly your mod is overheating somehow, maybe due to the battery or there’s an issue with the chip inside of the device. I would see about getting the unit replaced by contacting the store you’ve purchased it from or reaching out to the manufacturer.

  • I just bought my GX350 a month or so ago. It was working fine up until a few weeks ago. The wattage operates by itself and so does the unlock and lock. If I try to press on the wattage temp. it will go back to 350. I am not sure what else to do.

  • I got mine and it seems to be exactly what I am looking for in a device like this. I hear rumers on this flashware though and this worries me. Will this device have unexpected firmware malfunctions down the road? (Note:the gx-350 I got was after the fix with the two battery mode, if that makes a difference) but so far I’m very happy with it and noted no malfunction. Battery lid is a bit tight for my liking. I want it snug and secure but not so snug I fear damaging the device to undo it lol. Minor complaint. Some said the paint is a bit fragile. I haven’t had this yet. As long as it continues to function as designed I’ll be happy as two pigs in a trough.

  • By the looks of all the comments it appears as if Smok is doing their beta testing on their customers.
    Seems like this one is a real piece of junk and should be avoided since there are plenty of good inexpensive mods out there without so many problems.

  • How come everytime i turn on my gx350 it’s saying “check batteries”. I fully charged them with my efest 4 battery charger my tfv12 is attached firmly? idk what it could be.

    • You need high amp low mah batteries I have your same set up exactly and mine runs perfectly on Sony vtc4 batteries 2100 mah and 30 amps if you run low amp batteries they can’t handle the coil it a massive coil that requires a lot of amperage to run…. hope this helps

  • The device requiring an external charger means it’s a fail. Horribly disappointing because that means this device is not self sufficient. Now I have to buy an external device to charge 4 batteries??? Crazy

  • Not sure if youre still responding, but I was hoping to know which coil setting is the one for the original tank the mod comes with. Also which wattage/voltage setting I should stick with. Thanks!

  • Having issues with this mod it keeps ramping up to 350W then locks me out, got it reset now it is at 6W and won’t let me adjust any suggestions?

  • Hello, I own a gx350, it came up on the display saying timeout, I clicked the button then it turned off. All batteries are good, as it says smok gx350thdn version when the batteries go in, but when I try to fire it up nothing happens.

    Do you know why?

  • My v8-t8 tank works wonders, but when I use it with my GX350 the could is tasting burnt if i pull too long. If I change the ohms will this stop? What is the recommended settings for wattage and Ohms on the cloud beast tank??

  • This thing is a fucking mess. The SMOK alien I think I dropped about 17000 times and it still works perfectly. This thing didn’t work out of the box. Are you assholes paid by the company? No mention of the fact that the battery bay is shit, the thing has constant firmware and power problems, and you apparently can’t charge it with the usb.

    • Us “assholes” aren’t paid by SMOK. Do you think the best selling brand would pay someone to promote their products when the rest of the vaping community already does it for them? come on, you’re smarter than that!

  • My mod has been acting up lately and I have no idea of how to fix it. My screen won’t turn on even after I put the micro-USB and with fully charged batteries.


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