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A Complete Guide To The Reuleaux RX300 Mod

Reuleaux RX300 Tips

Bottom Cover Lock Button:  The bottom cover lock button is a locking mechanism on the bottom battery cover that will ensure that the batteries in the RX300 are securely held in the battery compartment.  We recommend that each time you change batteries or open the bottom cover that you ensure the lock button is secure as four 18650 batteries become a heavy load on the bottom cover.

Reuleaux RX300 Battery CompartmentInserting The Batteries:  The RX300 uses the lock button on its hinged bottom battery cover.  To insert the batteries into the RX300 correctly, you will need to look under the bottom battery cover and you will see positive and negative indicators, showing you which direction to insert the batteries.  If you see a “+” symbol, that means the positive end of the 18650 battery should be point towards the bottom cover.  If you see a “-” symbol, the negative flat end of the 18650 battery should be facing the bottom cover.  Though you should ensure that the batteries are inserted correctly, if you by chance insert them incorrectly the device is equipped with reverse polarity protection, meaning the mod and its chipset won’t suffer any arm, but the device will not turn on until the batteries are inserted correctly.

Micro-USB Port:  The micro-USB port on the Reuleaux RX300 can be used for charging the device.  In addition, the micro-USB port can also be used to upgrade the firmware.  However, Wismec advises that it’s always better to take the batteries out of the device and charge them with an external charger.

Balanced Charging:  The Reuleaux RX300 features charge balancing technology, meaning all four batteries will be equally charged at the same rate when charging the batteries while they’re inserted into the device.

Optional RC Adapter:  Wismec’s new reverse charging adapter will allow you to turn your RX300 into a power bank.  By turning the RX300 into a power bank, you will have the capability of charging electronic equipment, such as mobile phones, headphones, and other electronics that accept charging via a micro-USB cable.

VW Mode:  While in variable wattage mode you have the capability of adjusting between 1 watt and 300 watts by pressing the adjustment buttons.  The left adjustment button will decrease the wattage, while the right adjustment button will increase the wattage.

TC-SS Mode:  When using the Stainless Steel mode in temperature control, understand that the TC-SS mode is suitable only for SS316 coils.  If you would like to run another type of stainless steel wire, it’s recommended that you use the TCR mode to fine tune the temp control for that specific type of stainless steel coil.

TCR (M1, M2, M3):  The TCR (Temperature of Coefficient of Resistance) mode, you have the ability to set the parameters according to a coils specific TCR value.  If you need more information about TCR, we highly recommend that you check out our What Is This TCR Mode? article.

New Atomizer Installation:  When using a new coil, detatching or reattaching an atomizer, the system will prompt you to confirm this change saying “NEW COIL RIGHT, SAME COIL LEFT”.  If you’re using a new coil press the right adjustment button.  If you’re using the same coil press the left adjustment button.  When in doubt, press the right adjustment button so that the system can recalibrate.  However, we highly recoomend that when in TC mode that you let the coil cool down to room temperature.  If the coil isn’t at room temperature, the system may read values incorrectly.

Mode Auto Switch:  When you’re using a normal coil that isn’t TC compatible or the resistance of your coil is higher than 1.5Ω and you’re in TC mode, the device will automatically switch to the VW (Variable Wattage) mode.


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