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Vape Juice Reviews

PG Cherry

Now this is a taste I have grown to love, for sure.  I was a bit worried when I ordered this PG Cherry from Liberty-Flights.  I was worried that I would be let...

Vape Juice Reviews

PG Red Energy

The red energy e-liquid from Liberty-Flights was quite a nice vape in my experience.  I of course like everyone else read the reviews that others have given to...

Vape Juice Reviews

PG Blueberry

My review on the BlueBerry liquid from Liberty-Flights will be a bit difficult for me to explain, so bare with me as I give you a portrait of this very unusual...

Vape Juice Reviews

VG Menthol Blend

Menthol Blend is advertised to be a blend of tobacco and menthol and man did they hit it right on the spot.  You get the sweet taste of tobacco while also...


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