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The red energy e-liquid from Liberty-Flights was quite a nice vape in my experience.  I of course like everyone else read the reviews that others have given to get some idea of the taste this liquid is suppose to produce.  As soon as red energy came in, I quickly dropped a few drips onto the atomizer and was utterly amazed at how simular the taste was to what it is said to taste like.  We all know that with reading a lot of the reviews it doesn’t give you the exact taste as many people have different taste buds and opinions.

This e-liquid was said to taste like a redbull or that of a energy drink.  Well, they’ve hit it spot on because that is exactly what it tastes like.  Aside from the nice energy taste, the vapor was decent.  I don’t feel as it compares to other liquids I’ve vaped, but it was a decent amount none the less.  The throat hit was a bit harsh actually.  I was a light smoker, so I’m a bit weak when it comes to hard throat hits.  If you like a hard throat hit, then this is definitely a liquid you should try.  My overall experience with vaping the PG Red Energy e-liquid from Liberty-Flights went pretty well.  I’ll definitely vape the rest of this 5ml bottle, but I doubt I’ll purchase another bottle of it.  Just as a note, I’m personally not really into drinking energy drinks, but if you are, I recommend to try this liquid.

Throat Hit: 9/10

Taste: 8/10

Vapor: 8/10

Overall: 8/10

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