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PG Cherry

Now this is a taste I have grown to love, for sure.  I was a bit worried when I ordered this PG Cherry from Liberty-Flights.  I was worried that I would be let down as I was with the Cherry Cola I recently tried, but infact, it was the complete opposite.  The taste was powerful, flavorful, and all around a taste I could really see myself vaping for quite a while.  I’m guessing when I tried the cherry cola, I believe the ‘cola’ part of the mix was overpowering the cherry too much.  Who knows? None the less, I have to try all of these different liquids out, at least for the experience and if your pocket isn’t empty, I urge you all to do the same.

I’m not too big on throat hits, however I do want to have some type of feeling back there and with PG Cherry, I was let down in that department by quite a bit.  If you’re one of those vapers that need a good throat hit, then this liquid is not for you, trust me.  The vapor production was pretty nice, much better than many of the e-liquids that I’ve tried in the past.  It’s starting to take a pattern of there always being some type of flaw in these liquids in my opinion.  It’s either bad taste with tons of vapor or good taste with no throat hit.  I guess this is why we have to keep trying them out, right? I think that’s about it for this review.  I know the taste is amazing, and unlike many of you, that is what counts to me personally.  As always, I suggest anyone trying PG Cherry just for the experience.

Throat Hit: 6/10

Taste: 9/10

Vapor: 9/10

Overall: 8/10

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