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I’ve recently tried the Cherry Limeade E-Liquid from, and I’d like to share with you my personal experience.  While you know if you’ve read my other reviews I clearly like to give you the best and most in depth review possible, and with this liquid, I can say it just wasn’t for me.  Don’t let my opinion throw you off at all, because the overall vape was decent, but the taste was just way too sweet for my liking.  If you’re into very sweet tastes, then this will be a great liquid for you to try out.  With anything, I still like to write down my experience and in hopes it will help you better understand this liquid.

My first vape with the Cherry Limeade E-Liquid was a bit too sour, but from my understanding, that’s almost exactly what cherry limeade tastes like, says my wife.  The vapor production was decent, but again, in my opinion wasn’t satisfying.  To be quite honest with you, I didn’t purchase this cherry limeade liquid for myself, but more of at my wife’s request.  My wife is a cherry limeade lover, so in this review, I figured you would get the best read from her experience.

Ashley’s Cherry Limeade E-Liquid Review:

I mainly wanted to try the Cherry Limeade E-Liquid because I’m so infatuated with the cherry limeade drink.  The cherry limeade e-liquid has that sweet and sour taste I was looking for.  It wasn’t too fruity, but it wasn’t too harsh either.  (Some of you I hear call that harsh feeling, the throat hit.) I got exactly what I wanted from this liquid, the sweet taste of cherry and that sour taste from the lime.  I’m no writer by far, but I can tell you as someone that likes the cherry limeade taste, that this liquid almost identically matches the cherry limeade drink.  I would recommend this to anyone that likes a sweet or sour taste.

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  • Alright, so just as an addition to my review of the Cherry Limeade…

    When I do these reviews, it’s based on my first time vaping the liquid. However, most of the time I usually go back and vape the liquid a bit more just to ensure my review was as accurate as possible and if something has changed, I simply add an addition to the review.

    At first, yes, I wasn’t really enjoying the cherry limeade flavor, but as I began to vape it more over the course of the whole day, it started to wear on me. Although it’s a bit weird taste to me personally, I’m starting to like it.

    As any e-liquid, I would definitely suggest trying this liquid just for the experience if not anything.

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