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Empire Drip Shield

The Empire Drip Shields are a USA made PV accessory. Machined and hand crafted from high quality aircraft grade aluminum, these have been thoroughly beta tested for 8 months prior to launch here to assure that you are receiving a product that has been fully tested and monitored before bringing them to the market. The Drip Shield’s designed purpose is to keep the 901 atomizer from leaking, removing the necessity to carry paper towels with you for wiping away constant leakage. No adapter or any other accessory is needed with a 901 atomizer, simply slide the Drip Shield over the atomizer and you’re good to go on most 901 connected/native devices.


While originally designed for the 901 atomizer and The Empire PV MOD, the Drip Shield will also work with 510 and even (306 with delrin drip tip) atomizers as well. Using a Separately sold thread adapter (510-901 or 901-510 for example), you simply slide the Drip Shield over the atomizer until it covers the connection between atomizer and adapter and that’s it. On a device/accessory where the connection between atomizer and battery is of the same diameter, an adapter may not be necessary. Empiremods also carries a (510-901-901-510) bridged adapter which is basically a 510-901 and then a 901-510 adapter connected together. This adapter gives it the height and clearance it needs to work effectively on most all 510 native device connections.


Prevents the 901 atomizers from leaking. Also works with 510 & (306 with delrin fitted drip tip) and proper adapter.

Works as a heat sink. By drawing fresh air in through the two tiny holes located at the top of the shield, use of the drip shield will keep your atomizer cool which results in the prolonged life of atomizers.

Tighter draw. The two tiny holes in the top of the drip shield also serve to give a tighter draw, giving you a nice, smooth and less-airy pull with more vapor production!

Our Aim is for everyone to be able to use the Drip Shield as successfully as it has been used prior to launch here at As such we will give as much info/instructions as possible to ensure customer and vaping satisfaction.


The only place to purchase this amazing piece of equipment is from the creators themselves over at

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