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Green Apple (RawrVapor)

As I push my journey around the internet in search to review the finest liquids and present to you my opinion of it’s true taste, vapor production and throat hit, I was told to try the e-liquid from a new site, yet an old master mixer.  One of whom they call Vapor_Mike from RawrVapor.  After taking much advice from the many heads of VapeTV, I’ve decided to make my order.  Green Apple I chose with a hint of Menthol “Cool”.

With an astonishing 2 days of total shipping time I was amazed at how quick Mike tends to his customers and fulfills the orders.  It’s almost as if right when I made the order he began throwing together his popularized concoction of liquid that so many have been known to boast about.  It was definite that I had to explore this rumor, this hype and most of all, this taste of whom they call a master mixer.

As I received the package in the mail, my hopes were up and I was excited to vape this green apple.  Let it be known, I’ve never actually ate nor tasted a green apple so I really didn’t know what to expect.  By first opening the package I immediately noticed a big difference in the bottles that I’m normally used to seeing.  The bottle that Mike’s liquid came in looked to me, to be a bit better quality than normal.  The bottle has a smaller screw on cap, more threads to ensure of no leakage and a shorter but wider stance.  I know a bottle is to say the least, but I’d much rather my liquids to be sent in this type of bottle over the rest.

Aside from the bottle, it was time to explore the insides of this container.  With my first pull onto the green apple, I quickly noticed the cool menthol on the inhale, pausing for a moment and began to taste the green apple, much like a green jolly rancher on the exhale.  I was a bit taken back by it’s taste as it was a bit too tangy for my liking, but as the night has gone I honestly can’t get enough of it.  I’ve noticed when trying other liquids, and this is with my own personal experience, that I don’t enjoy them at first as much as I do later on.

The throat hit is a bit smooth with this green apple e-liquid and that’s how I prefer it actually.  If you are one who craves a throat hit, then I doubt this green apple would be the liquid for you.  I much prefer taste over a throat hit any day.  A nice relaxing vape is what I enjoy most and I don’t enjoy the feeling of vapor ceasing the moment in my throat.

The vapor production isn’t what I was hoping for, but I still got a decent amount to release.  If anything were to be changed about this green apple juice, I would ask that it be the amount of vapor production.  (It could also be from the PV I use as well.)

Overall I’ve really taken a liking to this liquid and I can now truly see what all the hype about is really about.  What I’ve gathered from this order with RawrVapor is that of quality, quick shipping and most of all… some very rawr liquid. (<- New punchline Mike)

PV Used: Riva 510 – 510 LR Atomizer – Standard Battery – Drip Tip – Direct Drip

Green Apple with Menthol: “Cool” – 18mg – 50/50 mix.

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  • Just as a quick update…
    The lack of vapor production was my fault. I didn’t realize it but my PV battery was going dead. Now that I’m running on a freshly charged battery, man this liquid really produces vapor and to be quite honest, it produces more vapor than any other liquid I’ve tried yet. If you haven’t purchased a bottle of liquid from, I highly suggest it.



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