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Fruit Stripe Gum (JuicyVapor)

When you think of fruit striped gum, you think of the old days when you were a kid and your parents would take you to the store and let you pick out a piece of candy.  Many of those times you decided you want some gum and it always had to be that fruit striped gum, you know… the one with the zebra on it.  We all remember that delicious fruity taste and the memories that come along with it.  Now you can still live those memories and that delicious taste with JuicyVapor’s fruit striped gum e-liquid.  Now that I’m done making your mouth water, let’s move onto the actual review, shall we?

When I first received the 3ml bottle of fruit striped gum from, I immediatly unscrewed the top and took a good smell to see if this fruit striped gum e-liquid could smell anything similar to the real thing.  Boy was I amazed… It didn’t smell just similar to fruit striped gum, but it smelt exactly like it.  Like, this liquid is spot on and I was blown away by just that. I have still yet to taste this liquid and at this point I was almost sure that it would taste the same as well.  As you can tell, I was already sold.  I dripped two drops into my atomizer and took a puff.  As the vapor entered my mouth, I was dazed and placed back into that moment of memories and then as I exhaled, I was left with the delicious taste that still lingered in my mouth.  I must say, this fruit striped gum e-liquid is amazing.

The flavor wasn’t too over powering and the vapor production was just right.  As for a throat hit, there was almost none, but when you find an awesome flavor like this, throat hit isn’t needed.  You’ll be so mesmerized by the fruit striped flavor that nothing else will matter.  However, this e-liquid may be very delicious, but it’s not something I will want to constantly vape.  I do recommend keeping a bottle near by at all times for those in between vapes though.  If you haven’t purchased a bottle of fruit striped gum e-liquid from, I would highly recommend it.  If you decide to give it a try, tell Anthony at JuicyVapor that GuideToVaping sent ya!

Thanks for sending out the liquid Anthony.  You can look forward to me making an order for some more of this delicious fruit striped gum e-liquid.

In this review, I’ve used a Riva 510 with an 1.8ohm LR atomizer and the standard battery. Direct Drip.

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  • Hi…I love the bubblegum e-liquid too…Also cotton candy and Dr. Pepper. I have an eGo e-cigarette by Janty so I also get my e-liquids there. The flavors are really what makes vaping fun:)



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