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Straw Banana Shake Frze (Sweet-Vapes)

Isn’t it weird how the most craziest concoctions can be some of most delicious and scrumptious flavors you’ve ever vaped? I’m sure Dayna from Sweet-Vapes doesn’t mean to toot her own horn, but when she told me her liquid was one of those delicious flavors, she wasn’t joking.  I must say, from the 5 flavors I tried from sweet-vapes, straw banana shake frze was definitely my pick of the litter.  I think the name speaks for itself but it just doesn’t give it the justice it deserves.  In that case, let me elaborate it a bit for you.

This may be a bit difficult to explain, but I’ll try my best.  The reason it’s difficult is because I’m still puzzled on what I taste the most, the delicious strawberry or the soothing banana.  Whatever it is, the mix is just right to set the mood for that summer time vape.  Wondering where the frze comes into play? Just as you exhale and think it’s all said and done, the frze emerges and leaves your mouth wet and wanting more.  What best to go along with a smooth vape? A smooth throat hit.  To some the throat hit may lack a bit, but I think it meshes perfectly with it’s theme.  To some, vapor production is a must and when you vape straw banana shake frze, you can’t go wrong.  The vapor production is great.

Awesome vapor production, delicious flavors and a smooth throat hit.  Give straw banana shake frze a try if you want some… Sweet-Vapes!

This vendor sent me 5 flavors and I found the straw banana shake frze amazing.  However, the other 4 liquids didn’t satisfy me and to be honest, they were far from a great tasting liquid.  The other flavors were butterscotch sweetened, cake batter, butter pecan ice cream and berry smoothie – cold.  Everyone has an opinion, so I had to get my wife’s take on this also.  She also found these flavors very horrid.  Take to note that it may not be the juice but more of the juice makers mistake.

[toggle title=”Used In This Review:”]In this review I used a Riva 510 PV, 510 LR atomizer, standard battery, direct drip and drip tip on Straw Banana Shake Frze E-Liquid from – 18mg 50/50 mix.[/toggle]

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  • That strawberry banana e-liquid sounds yummy…Actually I really find banana-flavored e-liquids to be smooth and great-tasting! Some people overlook banana – but it really is such an amazing, utterly satisfying flavor.



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