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Revolution Smart Pack (PCC) Kit

The Revolution Smart Pack (PCC) Kit from Smoke Revolution USA is by far an amazing electronic cigarette with outstanding quality, performance and functionality.  In the revolution personal charging case kit comes with the pcc, 2 rechargable manual batteries, 1 standard 510 atomizer, 1 USB and wall adapter charger set, 5 pre-filled cartridges, 1 gift box, 1 user manual and 1 10ml e-liquid bottle.  With the Revolution Smart Pack (PCC) Kit, you definitely get the bang for your buck!

When first receiving the kit, the satin finish on the gift box stamped with the Smoke Revolution USA logo was very appealing.  It may not mean much to some of you for this review, but when I see a vendor spend time on the appearance of even something so simple as a box, it goes a long way.  After opening the box, sitting at the top was the users manual.  The users manual I expected to be like a lot of e-cigarette manual’s where you see nothing but a bunch of the chineese language, but in fact it was all printed in English.  The users manual was very helpful in explaining what each part is, how to setup and use it, all the way to how to know when a battery needs to be recharged.  Having a great users manual is always a plus, especially for someone that is new to vaping.

The personal charging case is by far the best thing about this kit.  Charging on the go is a great advantage and the extra features on the case are pretty well thought out.  On the case you have a display to show you the battery strength that your pcc is currently at.  Under the display, you have a wide chrome plated button.  Not only does the chrome plated button give your case that stylish look, but it’s just as functional controlling the led torch light located at the bottom of the case and to the right of the button for showing the battery display.

The battery and 510 atomizer is a great combination and work quite well together.  Both batteries that came with the kit were pre-charged and ready to go.  I’ve been vaping for 5 hours regularly on this kit and it hasn’t missed a beat.  It’s performing great and it produces a lot of vapor compared to my current Riva 510 PV.  This e-cigarette is very small, much like a real analog cigarette.  The button on the revolution is a small round rubber button that is very easy to press at the touch.  With each time the button is pressed, at the end of the e-cigarette a blue led lights up to let you know that it’s in use.  When vaping on the revolution e-cigarette, it had a very smooth, less airy type pull which helps on creating more vapor.

To anyone looking to purchase an electronic cigarette, I would highly suggest the revolution smart pack (pcc) kit for you new beginners and even the regular vaper.

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  • I just bought the smoke revolution (PCC) which came in a nice gift box. I am very impressed with the shipping time and how easy it was to order. But Im not sure if I have a problem with my product. I ordered the 16mg tobacco flavor which taste great but I am not getting a strong enough throat hit. It seems like I am smoking this thing all day, the filter seems to dry up quick. But when I look at it, it appears to still be somewhat moist. Am I doing something wrong? I ordered the 24mg juice which I hope gives me a strong throat hit. Could use some advise…..thanks

    • Hello Mike,
      Congrats on your purchase of the Smoke Revolution PCC Kit. I must say, it is a nice kit for just starting out and for the price, but once you start vaping for a while you’ll end up moving away from the smaller electronic cigarettes and more towards the ones that have a bigger sized battery such as a 510-E. With a higher nicotine level you can get more of a throat hit, but you really will find a better throat hit when you switch to direct dripping with a drip tip. By direct dripping you get more flavor, throat hit and you get away from those filtered cartridges or cartomizers that I’ve come to hate. Read more on GuideToVaping about direct dripping, drip tips and low resistance atomizers. I hope your experience with vaping goes well and be sure to keep in touch.

  • Hello Mike, I just read your comment and Blake is right, you should try a Drip Tip with your E-Cigarette or even move on the the next immediate level: a tank system electronic cigarette. Please, if you have any questions let us know, we are always happy to help. Have a good one!



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