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Vaping Is My Hobby

When I first started vaping, it was about getting the nicotine, making the change and overall just being healthier.  When did this vaping experience become a hobby?

Yes, it was pretty cool when I first got my PV, but now it’s turned into something more than just that cool.  It’s turned into something I look forward to doing everyday and it’s not about the nicotine anymore, but just the enjoyment of vaping itself.  Although I’m overwhelmed by the experience, it really seems like the nicotine isn’t the big factor here anymore.  As bad as it may sound, I actually look forward to my atomizer going out, just so that I can put a new one on and get that fresh vape all over again.

Call me weird and call me crazy, but this has really turned into my hobby.  Have I turned into what everyone else in this scene has turned into? It’s not so much about the nicotine anymore for everyone else I don’t think, but more of who has the latest mod or who has the latest tripled stacked super end all things cartomizer.

This also leads me to another question… Did I move to electronic cigarettes to help remove nicotine from my life or did I make the change to keep nicotine in my life?

Vaping is my hobby… I don’t want to quit and I don’t see myself quitting anytime soon.

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