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Hangouts is where it’s at!

If you’re tired of that same old social app and you’re looking for something new, Google+ Hangouts is where it’s at!  

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith Google+ Hangouts, you can now socialize with your personal friends, family, online friends and still keep things separate between each of them.  Never again will you have to have more than one social apps just to keep your personal life separate from your online life.  Google+ allows you to target that certain ‘circle’ and when you’re ready to mix it up, you can make your status updates, shared video, images or links public.

Enough about that one cool feature, there’s more!  Google+ has an awesome feature and what I think really stands out, which is called ‘hangouts’.  If you like Skype, ooVoo or any other multiple video conference chats, then you’ll love Google+’s Hangouts.  Imagine being able to video chat with multiple people at once and when you talk, the attention is on you!  In Hangouts, when you talk, you’re cam comes onto the main screen so people can focus on you directly.  When another person starts talking, it switches to them and they’ll be on the main screen.  It’s a rotation of cams and allowing everyone to be heard, seen and recognized.

If you’ve made it this far into the read, you’re probably wondering why I wrote about this… well, let me tell you the news.

Not only is it awesome that you can create a circle named, maybe… Vapers? – but you can also join the many hangouts that those vapers start.  No more will you have to wait hours for the next vaping network show to start.  Keep in touch and socialize with the community on Google+ Hangouts.  If you’re wondering why the vape related chat room are very slack lately, it’s because of the newest craze of everyone being in a hangout.  Don’t get left behind, Google+ Hangouts is where it’s at!

If you’re not familiar with Google+, learn more here and come “hangout”. < Soo cheesy.

If you’re already on Google+, re-tweet this post so the rest of the vape community can join in on the fun!

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  • Vaping for 5 months now. Just joined G+ today, but I’m also working on a ‘proper’ social networking site for the vaping community too! Drop in and say hi if you get a chance – but remember that it’s still very early beta so lots of feedback and ideas would be appreciated! 🙂



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