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Hands down, for new and experienced users alike- the eGo is where it begins! I can easily save you time and money by making that suggestion. If you’re looking for something that simply works, has been tried and tested, and has proven to produce moderate performance, decent battery time, and all packed in a small form factor, the eGo (or Evod) will definitely fit. If you want to advance and want an economical, versatile power-horse of a device – order an Innokin MVP or VaporShark rDNA right now and be done with the confusion. You’ll see this echoed throughout knowledgeable ecig forums across the web. It’s a great starting point.

Some find that an Ego will appease them and stick with it. Some of us upgrade to a larger battery, such as the MVP. The time to get your first mod is different for everyone. If you are not already in love with vaping – the Ego will get you there – then you can figure out which mod you want while you save your Ego as a backup device.  ALWAYS have backups!

#1 Rated entry level device: Joyetech eGo, Kanger Evod. (price, performance, versatility)
Most popular mods: MVP V2, VaporShark DNA/rDNA, Provari, among others.
Most popular accessories: AeroTank Series, Aspire Series

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Blake is the owner and creator of the Guide To Vaping blog. He has expressed his passion for the vaping industry through his deeply rooted and highly informative content. Being a writer and content provider for the vaping industry for year's, Blake has also gained experience from working with multiple blogs and well respected companies.


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  • My initial experience with eCigs was not the best, as a smoker I choose to go with the Stick style as it closely resembled regular cigarettes, but that was a mistake. Not so much the style, but the brand, which was Blu. I sent that kit back immediately, but at least they honored their money back guarantee.

    I then found Volcano! And after some research and talking with their customer service, I decided that to best address my smoking habbits, their Inferno system was the best fit for me, and they were right! From the moment I started vaping I quit smoking.

    Volcano has been a pleasure to do business with, their customer service is great, but the members of their forum are outstanding.

    The Inferno system is easy to use out of the box, the videps they have showing how to use them are very instructional. The eJuice they have is also great especially the Choiconilla Haze, my favorite.

    I could not have picked a better company to deal with or a better vaping system to use.

    Thank you Volcaqno for helping to make me smoke free!

  • The Ego will get the job done, and let you explore the cool stuff that some stick batteries won’t. I still use my Ego and there shouldn’t be too many ego haters if you’ve had one. Most just move on to bigger battery mods, or bottom feeders, or… but the ego is versatile enough and powerful enough to suggest to anyone. The only other questions are what type of atty, carto, tank do you want to use. If you have an ecig issue, there is usually a cure that the community will help you with.

  • I got an E-Go Pass-through and I really love it!
    I use it while at my computer; and, when it is fully charged, I can put the end-cap over the USB plug-in and be cord-free for hours of Vaping pleasure!
    I’m very happy with my
    Joye E-Go Pass-through!

    • That’s why I feel the “what should I buy” question is easy to answer. If everyone skipped the stick battery purchase that we all seem to make initially, we’d have saved time, money and frustration. Some people get turned off from ecigs because of the nasty pre-filled cartos that come with these things too. I found out the importance of “sample sizes” from the start when I couldn’t return my greensmoke cartos with my initial ecig purchase. Oh well- it was a right of passage. …I truly believe that you can’t go wrong with a Joye Ego as your first ecig. It’s superior in both price and performance.

      …I sound like an advertisement, I know. …if it saves 1 person from having to buy crap to start with- I’m ok with it.

  • I completely agree with the eGo, I started vaping a cheap 510 clone which was a mistake. It has a nice shape, attractive to smokers as it resembles a cigarette but it simply is not powerful enough and has to be recharged almost every time you uese it. Also the carts are hard to fill. I got my eGo-T and I have been completely pleased with it. The tank system makes it easy to refill and holds alot more e-liquid. The battery lasts hours (atleast a full work day) and it makes thick strong vape which is perfect for a mid to heavy smoker.

  • After jumping through all the hoops starting on Revolvers Elites to Ion infiniti’s then to Valcano’s lava tube in the end nothing compares to the quality and performance of the Provari hands down. No voltage spikes, state of the art protection system, amazing microprocessor and you can just tell Provape took their time. You want the ferrari of all E-cigs, get a Provari and be done with your search.

    • Although I haven’t ever used a Provari, I’ve heard nothing but great things about them. I can’t agree more with you about the Provari being one of the finer ‘APVs’, but lets all agree here… It’s still just a variable voltage device. I’ve used VV devices for quite a while and I do admit, they have their purpose and they are nice.

      Lately I’ve been using my Stallion, the DNA12 powered APV. We’re talking variable wattage and power regulated. As of now, I don’t think anything can beat power regulated VW functions. It’s just too consistent. However, I’m still the guy that thinks the overall best electronic cigarette in general is of course, the eGo… mainly the eGo-C Twist. Simply because of size, design, and performance.

  • I recommend my ego-T electric cigarette. I think
    it’s as crucial as my phone to me. I have not used a ciggy for nearly five months. I save a lot more money too.



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