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  • They don’t last. There’s no uniform length of time.
    They say up to 300 puffs, whose counting? Last night I went to get cartridges, they didn’t have any, so I got a one timer, didn’t last ²⁴ hours.

  • Bought the kit,first time buyer,need to quit smoking so the lady at the register suggesting Metro Traditional Platinum,I almost didn’t buy because of the price,almost $50.00,but the husband uses them and seems to be working but doesn’t last long,have to charge constantly,and filters,doesn’t last no 300 puffs,any suggestions on how to work better or is there nothing???

    • The Metro Kit (a stick style electronic cigarette) is nice for a first timer or to be introduced into electronic cigarettes because of its similarities to a traditional cigarette, though it isn’t an e-cig that will last or completely satisfy you once you’ve gotten past the point of being a beginner.

      I would high recommend an eGo-C Twist being that it’s variable voltage and lasts for around about a day. Check out this review I did of the Twist.



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