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DOT Plans to Ban Use of E-cigarettes on Aircraft
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DOT Plans to Ban Use of E-cigarettes on Aircraft

Today is the last day to get in comments! CASAA has made this VERY EASY to do! You can write your own, short testimonial (just a couple of sentences) on how e-cigarettes have worked for you (without adverse effects) and then just copy & paste the other facts that can be found on CASAA’s Call to Action page by clicking HERE. You will also find the link to the DOT comments page on the Call to Action page.

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You may not care about vaping on airplanes, but this is just another step for them to ban e-cigarettes someplace else. The ANTZ frequently cite other bans to support their proposed bans in restaurants, bars, hotels and even apartments and condos (the DOT is citing bans below decks on Navy submarines and Amtrak to support THIS airplane ban) – so we cannot sit back let ANY get passed just because they don’t directly affect us, because eventually it will!

It only takes 5-10 minutes. Don’t let them overstep their authority and include SMOKELESS e-cigarettes in a SMOKING policy!!!


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