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Sweetish Fish by Goodejuice -eliquid Review
Sweetish Fish eliquid
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Sweetish Fish by Goodejuice -eliquid Review

This eliquid smells good- like the Sweetish Fish cherry candy might if I remember correctly.

The eliquid is mixed 50/50 (pg/vg).

I’m going to vape this at 3.7v with an HH357 atty.

First vape- Vapor production is good, as you would expect from a 50/50 mix. The amount of flavor is definitely adequate in my opinion. It seems like kind of a tart, citrus cherry- not bad at first. In the aftertaste, I’m getting a very perfumey and soapy taste. Second Vape- Same thing.


It could be my palette, it could be the juice- but I’m not doing a 3rd vape. If you’ve tried the Sweetish Fish eliquid from Goodejuice and have a different opinion- please share.

Basilray describes this flavor as “stellar”, so I’ll leave you with his review for another opinion.



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