Raspberry Lemonade – Pink Spot Vapors
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Raspberry Lemonade – Pink Spot Vapors

Recently I attended the Atlanta Vape Meet and while I was there, Pink Spot Vapors happened to have a box of assorted 3ml sample e-liquids. Picking through the different flavors, one flavor caught my eye and just sounded delicious. I snatched the little baggy as it came with the juice and a card, opened it up and on the label read “Raspberry Lemonade” along with a few other additions of the website location, 12mg in strength, a notation to ‘shake well’ and the date the e-liquid was made.

I haven’t tried any of Pink Spots e-liquid ever before, so this pink colored liquid has already got my hopes up. I’ve personally spoke with Penn and Sandy via email, did giveaways of PinkSpot e-liquid, but I’ve never had the chance to try it for myself. I didn’t try the Raspberry Lemonade until I got home the next day, so the whole ride leaving Atlanta, I was steadily building up anticipation for what’s to be said by many as some delicious e-liquids. After settling in, I drip a few drops into my new 2.5ohm dual coil atomizer that is nicely sitting on my silver lavatube, a few clicks up to 5v vaping and I take my first pull.


Located on the PinkSpotVapors website, for the description of Raspberry Lemonade reads “A perfect refreshing summertime vape. It is sure to bring you to a zen state of mind.” – With my first pull, the inhale gives you a slight hint of the mixture between a light raspberry and lemonade, but on the exhale you receive a much larger stance from the flavors. It screams relaxation and sets you into a mouth-watering and lingering taste of a perfect blend matching its name. The Raspberry Lemonade mix was a really great beverage and fruit tasting vape that I’ve not been able to put down.

You’ve heard a lot of hype about Pink Spot Vapors… Let me be the first to tell you, there is definitely a reason why.

I’m not sure on the PG/VG mixture, but it looks to be around 50/50. It’s slightly thicker looking than most PG based e-liquids and the vapor production is massive. (The dual coil, I’m sure plays a big roll in that though.) – A very smooth throat hit, nothing close to harsh. If I’m going to have a harsh throat hit, it better be in a tobacco or menthol vape, not in a drink flavored e-liquid that speaks ‘smooth’.

Overall: PinkSpotVapors have lived up to their hype and I’ve now found a new all day vape to add to my collection. I certainly will be making an order for some more of this Raspberry Lemonade and I’ll definitely have to try more of their flavors. I must say, the flavors I’ve seen on the PinkSpot site look very delicious and inviting. If you’re interested in trying some Raspberry Lemonade or any of PinkSpotVapors e-liquid, please visit www.PinkSpotVapors.com

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