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Laughing Buddha – PBDragon
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Laughing Buddha – PBDragon

In the package of samples I received from a little while back, I’ve tried all the flavors but haven’t really given them much time in an atty/carto. For the past two days I’ve been vaping on Laughing Buddha, another flavor I received in the sample pack of e-liquid. To my first sample taste, I thought it was okay, but then after trying it again and really focusing on just that flavor, its actually pretty damn good.

The description on the PBDragon website for Laughing Buddha says “The perfect blend of kiwi fruit, apples and banannas in this vape tickles your taste buds.  What a great starter vape to get smokers started on the path to enlightenment!”. I can definitely taste the banana and I think the small hint of apples and kiwi make this a very fruitful and delicious vape. I’ve tried the Laughing Buddha in both my LavaTube, which sits at 4.5V and in my Smoov, which is a 3.7V device. Just like with the last review I did for E-Liquid, in my opinion this juice just isn’t for high volt vaping. In my Smoov sitting at 3.7V, its delicious and I get no burnt flavor taste, but in my LavaTube sitting at 4.5V, the exhale tastes like burnt bananas


The banana flavor in Laughing Buddha is pretty dominant over the other flavors, but the hint of those other flavors give it a more fruity type vape. If you’ve read my other reviews, you’ll know that I’m very big on fruity or candy type vapes, so Laughing Buddha is right up my ally.

Overall: I think Laughing Buddha E-Liquid is a nice fruitful vape. Great for a low voltage vaper and as the description says on the site, it’s for sure a great starter vape. If you’re interested in Laughing Buddha or other flavors like this, please visit

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