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Z-Atty Rebuildable Atomizer from HouseOfHybrids

We spoke to Zen~ last year about the Genesis style rebuildable atomizer named the Zenesis. At the time of our last article, Zen~ did not have plans to produce, or sell a stand-alone rebuildable atomizer. If you wanted this style, you would have to either build it yourself- or purchase the Zenesis APV. The times are a changing…

The Z-Atty range of rebuildable atomizers is designed to bring the great Zenesis Atomizer into the hands of folks that prefer to use other PVs (ie- “non” Zenesis PV owners). It is now possible to have a Rebuildable Atomizer on your favorite device.

The Z-Atty rebuildable atty will come in three different styles. The Z-Atty U, Z-Atty Pro  and Z-atty G.

Z-Atty, universal, on a Bolt


The Z-Atty-Pro is specifically designed for use on the ProVari PV. It fits with no unsightly gap between the PV and the Atomizer rendering the look of a hybrid PV. If you don’t like looking you’re using a cobbed together assemblage of hardware, this will really clean up your act.


The Z-Atty-G is not a hip-hop artist, as the name would suggest, rather, it is specifically designed for use on the GG Stealth and the GGTS Golden Greek PVs. It fits without a 510 top cap, directly to the rethread ring or extension tube with no unsightly gap between the PV and the Atomizer rendering the look of a hybrid PV.


The “U” stands for universal… and this version fits most 510 PVs. If your 510 connection is recessed, you will need a 510 extender, and the closeness of fit will depend on what you can come up with for adapters.

All of the Z-atty line are constructed of 316LVM Surgical Implant Grade stainless steel with a 4Ml Fused Quartz tank section.

Where: House Of Hybrids
More info: ECF HOB thread, Zen~ Alerts

West Coast Vape Supply

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Interview with Zen~ from P Busardo

How to make a new coil for your Zenesis or Z-atty

*Some images courtesy of the Zenfidel thread/ECF

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