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Caramel MooVappe E-Liquid Review
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Caramel MooVappe E-Liquid Review

To start off this review, I must first say that I’m blown away and that’s an understatement. Before we do begin the review for Caramel MooVappe, I would like to tell you the story of how it came to be. This is proof that customer suggestions do help.

I regularly talk with Brett from Texas Select Vapor and I told him that it would be awesome if he could make my favorite drink. I told him that I absolutely love the Caramel Moolatte’s from Dairy Queen (It’s an ice cream restaurant) and it would be awesome if he could re-create that taste in e-liquid. He agreed to give it a shot and if you’ve read any of my other TSV reviews, you’ll know that Brett is an expert (imo) at re-creating flavors. I believed he could re-create this flavor, but I knew it would be a tough one. Many weeks passed and finally he contacted me and wanted to send me “Caramel MooVappe”.

After receiving Caramel MooVappe, I had high hopes that this could actually be a coffee flavor that I can add to my all day vape selection. I’m not one that is really big on coffee or tobacco vapes, but I am a coffee drinker, so I’ve definitely been craving a vape that will give me the same experience. I’m a very picky vaper and person in general. I like regular coffee, but it has to be loaded down with sugar and creamer. I like latte’s, but only if it’s really light. In a MooLatte, it has ice cream, which lightens the coffee taste and the caramel just adds to the delicious flavor.


The Caramel MooVappe E-liquid is supposed to taste like an ice cream with a touch of coffee and caramel and that is exactly what it tastes like. On the inhale you get a hint of cool caramel, but the exhale is where the magic happens. For the exhale, the best way to describe it for those of you that enjoy coffee flavors… it was bliss. You immediately taste the cool feeling of the vanilla ice cream hit the roof of your mouth followed by the light and creamy coffee flavor. This e-liquid is so well mixed and precise on flavors that I have to say this is one of the best flavors I have reviewed here on Guide To Vaping. It’s not just because the flavor is so good, but it’s also because of how close it tastes to the real thing. The vapor production is good and thick. If you’re looking for a throat hit, you won’t get it with this flavor. The only thing you’ll feel in the back of your throat is the cool creamy vanilla.

The past few e-liquid flavors Brett has sent me, they’ve all were made to ressemble another flavor and they’ve all been about as close as you could come. For you other vendors reading this, it’s time to step your game up on creating new flavors. We have people like Brett spending weeks and months creating precise flavors. Anyone can create simple mixed e-liquid flavors, but creating ones that are perfect and will make an impact, that’s skill. Is this the TSV fan boy talking? –  As long as TSV keeps producing awesome vapes like this, it damn sure is!

Overall: I’m super excited about this flavor. It offers a light coffee taste and the creamy ice cream dessert feeling. This is one of those vapes that will leave you laid back in one of those “ahhh” relaxed moments. To anyone that likes coffee vapes or if you’re looking to try out a coffee flavor, I recommend Caramel MooVappe.

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