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Gummy Bear E-Liquid Review (PinkSpotVapors)
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Gummy Bear E-Liquid Review (PinkSpotVapors)

Get a blast from the past as you get taken back to those childhood memories of the delicious taste of gummy bears. Besides the neatly and stylish normal labels, Pink Spot Vapors decided to send these juices out with a bit of Guide To Vaping love. On the right of the label is the much-needed warning label “Keep away from children and pets.” followed below by “Contains USP VG/PG, artificial flavoring and USA made nicotine.”. To the middle of the label is the Pink Spot logo and below it with the date the e-liquid was made. The left side of the label contains the nicotine milligram strength, above it being the e-liquid flavor and at the top, a nice little addition from Pink Spot saying “Guide to Vaping”. (Penn & Sandy, the owners of PSV… for those of you who have not had the chance to ever talk with them, they’re good people!)


The taste of Pink Spot Vapors Gummy Bear E-Liquid is much as you would hope or expect, just like the candy. I don’t have a lot to say for this review, mainly because it’s a flavor we all know to well, but I am diggin’ it not only because how good it is, but because of how close it is to the candy. If you’ve read any of my past reviews, you’ll know how big I am on the flavor matching the label exactly. You can also expect a smooth vape, yet a decent throat hit to¬†accommodation. Good amount of vapor and just overall, a great vape all around. Candy vapes for the win.

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