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Everyone is familiar with the “war” against electronic cigarettes. It is worldwide phenomenon, with scientists, scientific associations and public authorities involved. It is not our goal to examine the reasons for this; our duty is to promote research on- and publicize- the effects of electronic cigarettes on human health.

Based on this, and after having personally evaluated and analyzed the independent research work done by my colleague Dr. Giorgio Romagna and scientists from Abich laboratory (ClearStream project), I am convinced that this work is of such high quality that it should be presented to the scientific community worldwide. My opinion is that publishing these studies will be a trigger for scientists to get involved into research on electronic cigarettes. Moreover, if it is accepted for presentation at a scientific congress the general public will feel reassured that the work done is of high standards.

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We acknowledge that we may face significant difficulties on our way. Several scientific authorities are against electronic cigarettes, even without providing references or explanation for their views. However, our dedication and confidence on the quality of research performed is the “weapon” we use to move forward. I am personally involved in producing the scientific material that will be presented to a scientific congress, collaborating with Dr. Giorgio Romagna and Abich laboratory. I am convinced that this research will have a significant impact both to the scientific community and to the public.

Thank you

Konstantinos Farsalinos, M.D.


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