Gangnam Style Dancing is Popular in Electronic Cigarette Factory KIMREE
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Gangnam Style Dancing is Popular in Electronic Cigarette Factory KIMREE

Gangnam Style has been really pretty hot on the internet recently, not only due to its dynamic arrangement of music, but also PSY’s dance that is called Gangnam Style Dancing, which is extremely similar to the actions when people ride horses. Because of the dance, In July, 2012, Psy became popular on the internet and the craze is sweeping over Asia, Europ, America and some other places in the world. Many pop stars highly recommend it to their own fans, and even imitate Gangnam Style dancing for the whole world.

Gangnam Style is also popular among the e-cigarette factories. KIMREE, which is located in Huizhou, Guangdong province, recently has organized all the staffs to dance Gangnam Styley Dancing on the square in the industrial zone.


Jamme, who is the factory supervisor of KIMREE, said, “The music arrangement of Gangnam Style is dynamic and full of sense of humor, very interesting. We organize to dance the dancing in order to make the workers relaxed in the weekend. You see all of us are very happy when dancing Gangnan Style, and it can increase a lot of fun in the busy life. In my view, there must be some reasons that this song and its dancing could be so popular in China and other places.”

KIMREE is an OEM factory which is professionally determined to produce high-quality e-cigarettes. They extremely devote themselves to producing top quality products, and care the staff’s health very much, so they often organize some positive entertainment, which not only make the workers happy work, but also lead a pleasant life.


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