Abyss E-Liquid Review
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Abyss E-Liquid Review

This Abyss has an assortment of flavors mixed just for a truly awesome vape. If you’re into fruit and candy vapes, then you’re in for quite the surprise when you get your hands on Abyss E-Liquid from Crimson Vapor.

This E-liquid has been a creation in the making with this fine blend of flavors it is sure to put you in a place like no other with a mixture of fruit and berry flavors perfectly blended we had to call it the Abyss, with great taste and vapor production sure to be one of the favorites, it’s a all day vape for us here @ CrimsonVapor

– Crimson Vapor Description

Flavor: Abyss has a unique taste of assorted fruit and candy flavors. The flavor that sticks out to me most is the flavor or what tastes like a grape jolly rancher. I was given a bottle of this delicious bottle of Abyss yesterday mid afternoon and today I’m literally running on about 3 drops to finish it off as I type this. Very bright and delicious flavor… not too strong or too light.


Throat Hit: I’m not getting much of any throat hit, which doesn’t bother me at all. If you’re one of those people that require a throat hit, don’t expect much from Abyss in that category.

Vapor Production: The vapor production is good matched with my LT Version 2 at 5.0v, and a 2.0ohm atomizer from Crimson Vapor. The PG/VG mix is 60/40. I haven’t dripped much lately, but I’m diggin this atomizer they’ve provided me with the juice. It’s putting a good amount.

If you’re interested in Abyss E-Liquid or any other flavors from Crimson Vapor, please visit www.CrimsonVapor.com

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