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Cherry Vanilla Cola E-Liquid Review
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Cherry Vanilla Cola E-Liquid Review

This Cherry Vanilla Cola has a taste that is similar to an e-liquid that I’ve vaped before. Though it does resemble that vape, it’s a good thing, because these cola vapes leave me in a puddle of fizzled satisfaction.

Flavor: I’m guessing the cherry in this e-liquid is pretty mild because I’m not tasting it, but it does have a Dr. Pepper’ish taste. The flavor isn’t too strong, nor too weak. I feel this is one of those e-liquids that is best to vape one day, then come back a couple days later for a replay of deliciousness. I get burnt out quick on these type of flavors when vaped everyday. I personally found this Cherry Vanilla Cola flavor to be pretty good.


Throat Hit: Expect a good amount of throat hit. I’m not real big into harsh throat hits and I would judge this e-liquid to be right in the middle. Though I usually prefer no throat hit, I did find it matching well with this certain flavor. Yes, I get a throat hit from the acid filled Dr. Pepper I drink almost daily.

Vapor Production: In conjunction with my LavaTube Version 2 sitting at 4.7v and a fresh Boge 2.0ohm Cartomizer, this cherry vanilla cola e-liquid is producing a decent amount of vapor. I’m not certain on the PG/VG ratio, but by the vapor amount I’m thinking it’s at around 60/40 or 50/50.

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