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Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

When you first receive your e-cig, it usually comes with a blank cartridge that has a type of wool filter inside of it.  These blank cartridges are common to the what we like to call “noobs” of the e-cig community.  Don’t feel bad or anything, you’ll learn more as you go, just as I did myself along with many others.  The blank cartridges that you fill till the top is soupy are great for starting out, but as time goes, you’ll see the problem with them.  There are many faults to the blank cartridges that I noticed from my own experience.  One of them being that the filters do not last very long at all.  The filters aren’t very durable and as time goes, when you vape, you’ll get this weird burning type taste.  Don’t be alarmed because it has become really a common thing as you use the same blank cartridge more than once fill.  The burning taste is actually the wool filter.  The filters strands are falling down to the atomizer and they’re burning, which is what produces that awful taste.  Another thing that I found wrong with these cartridges is that they leak, yes… they leak.  The leaking could be a cause of two things from my knowledge.  The cartridge could leak from being over filled with too much liquid or sucking on the cartridge too hard.  Yes, you may find that to be a bit funny, but it’s true.  When sucking or for this article let’s just say ‘pulling’ for my sake atleast… When pulling out the vapor, you have a large chamber inside and only a small hole at the top.  With that being said, it produces a stronger suction when getting closer to the hole.  With e-cigs, that isn’t the right way to vape.  You must do long, steady pulls which will produce a nice stream of vapor without sucking out all of its contents in the midst.


As time goes on and you progress with your learning about e-cigs, you will find out their are more options than using the blank cartridge, like using Drip Tips, cartomizers, Direct Dripping and such.  No matter what you choose, I highly suggest you to try them all so you can ultimately get the full experience of vaping.

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