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Deeming Regulations?

The FDA discussions and considerations for electronic cigarette regulation are beginning in earnest. AEMSA encourages any/all who support Tobacco Harm Reduction to participate.

Speculations are now circulating about draft deeming regulations coming as early as April.  After draft deeming regulations are publicly announced, most likely there will be a Public Comment period and then further considerations before any enactment and/or enforcement begins.

The FDA is planning to make recommendations to Congress.  The need for us all to be heard is NOW and throughout this process.  AEMSA encourages everyone to participate and be HEARD.

The following petition has a deadline of February 13. The stated 25,000 needed signatures as a “Goal” is sort of misleading.  25,000 is the minimum number of signatures for the petition to receive White House staff review and forwarding to appropriate departments of the government.  The GOAL is AS MANY AS POSSIBLE (think 50,000 100,000 or MORE).

The process is simple and fast (3 minutes or less).  If you have never signed a petition, you must first register.  This is simple and non-invasive.  Simply click the button and enter your name and email address (no other personal information is requested). An email will be sent to you immediately and you need only click on the confirm link in that email.  Doing so should take you back to the petition where you just click the “sign” button.  That’s all there is to it.   Here is a link to sign the petition.

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As this larger process unfolds, there will be more opportunities for Public Comment.  AEMSA encourages EVERYONE to participate, appear at Public Hearings, comment at every Public Comment opportunities, write to your elected officials, speak at local hearings, etc.  Tobacco Harm Reduction impacts us all – vapers, non-vapers, smokers, friends and families = everyone.  We can ALL participate, lend our voices to this cause, tell them YOUR STORIES and experiences and share information we have about completed, current and planned medical and/or scientific research.

Any/All VENDERS can participate and educate your customers. Talk with them about this process – it affects THEM AND YOU.  You can print flyers for your store counters and include them in all orders.  ANY vender (non-AEMSA venders are invited to contact us) wishing assistance can contact AEMSA using our email: [email protected]

 Please SUPPORT Tobacco Harm Reduction with YOUR VOICE.  Share your stories and experiences, encourage others to participate through social media and let your voice be heard.


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