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Joyetech eVic V1.2 Firmware – Joyetech MVR V1.2 Software

Joyetech eVic V1.2 Firmware – Joyetech MVR V1.2 Software

With each update Joyetech releases for the eVic and MVR software, we’re seeing very useful and important changes that not only affect how we vape, but also how we perceive the company in general. Joyetech guarantees no exact date of any update or ‘upgrade’ and in fact, they aren’t obligated to update at all for that matter. When you purchase the eVic, you’re purchasing the device and what comes with it at the time – Joyetech consistently providing these improvements is merely them wanting to offer support with the device and in turn satisfying the customer. Just a quick shout out to Joyetech… you’re doing it right, keep doing what you’re doing.

Changes Noticed In The Latest Update: eVic V1.2

  • Switch: Not only can you switch between variable voltage and variable wattage like you’ve been able to do originally with the eVic, but you can now switch to your customized Vaping Profiles as well.
  • Quick Switch: To toggle between VV, VW and Vaping Profiles quickly without having to enter the menu system, turn the ring to the right and hold it for 2 seconds.
  • Quick Home Screen: To toggle between Puff Count, Date Time and V/W Ohm quickly without having to enter the menu system, turn the ring to the left and hold it for 2 seconds.
  • Mode: You can now select between Manual or Auto feature. If you select Auto, you’ll have to enter the amount of seconds you want your device to fire each time you press the fire/power button. If you select Manual, the fire/power button will perform normally as it always has.
  • Exit: Now instead of having to scroll down to exit each time you make a change or are navigating inside the menu system, once you click exit in a sub-menu, the exit will be highlighted by default each time after.
  • Home Screen: You can now set your Home Screen to display your Puff Count (which you could do in the previous version), Date and Time or V/W and Ohm’s.
  • Battery: Instead of selecting the given battery mAh, you can now set the battery mAh on your own. (Customize)
  • Screen: Instead of selecting the given screen time, you can now set the screen time on your own. (Customize)
  • System: Instead of selecting the given system time, you can now set the system time on your own. (Customize)
  • Temperature: Not only can you choose Celsius, but you can now also choose Fahrenheit.
  • Calender: You can now choose 24 Hour or 12 Hour.

Changes Noticed In The Latest Update: MVR V1.2

  • Synced: All changes made and additions with the eVic are of course synced with the MVR software. You’ll be able to make all changes in MVR.
  • Vapor Set: Both MVR VW and MVR VV have a set of tables so you can customize your vape. You choose a voltage that is synchronized to the seconds in a timeline. This timeline is based on what atomizer/cartomizer Ohm you are using. You have three options for the certain Ohm setting. So for example, when I use a 1.8 Ohm atomizer, I can have it set to where my vape starts from 4 volts and works its way up to 5 volts or if I want to get technical, I can have my vape pulse when using a 2.0 Ohm atomizer/cartomizer. It all goes by what you set for your device.

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