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Red Bull E-Liquid Review

When you taste an energy type vape, don’t expect to be thrown in a pile of energy from the hyped up caffeine, but you can expect it from the delicious and unique tastes. The majority of energy drink vapes that I’ve tried taste pretty good and though this Red Bull flavor from isn’t spot on, it’s still a very nice and unique taste.

Flavor: This Red Bull E-Liquid has a smooth, beverage type taste. It has no fizzle, but the unique taste is just that and very hard to describe. It tastes like a combination of flavors that were in the focus of RedBull, the energy drink, but didn’t quite make it. The liquid is a light brown’ish red color.

Vapor Production: Expect a good amount of vapor production from the Red Bull’s 50/50 mix ratio. When paired with my 2.5Ohm atomizer and 5 volts on the eVic, I produced plumes of thick vapor that can be smelt around the room.

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Throat Hit: There isn’t much of a throat hit, which you could expect a bit more with a low Ohm atomizer or a higher voltage.

Conclusion: There isn’t a whole lot to say about this Red Bull E-Liquid flavor. It’s a good vape – very hard to describe other than it feeling like a thick vapor, a unique taste of multiple flavors and it isn’t exactly spot on with a real Red Bull energy drink. In fact, the flavor isn’t close at all, but I won’t knock it, simply because the flavor is still such a good vape. If you’re on the prowl for an energy drink vape, this is still a great tasting flavor I would recommend.

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  • dont try the honeywood tobacco. tastes like soap and my girlfriend thinks it smells like feet. she still makes fun of me for vaping feet. aftertaste i can’t even explain, but not good! if you like it ill mail you mine lol. was cheap luckily so i shouldn’t complain.



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