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In the land of heating elements, tanks are the furthest behind when it comes to flavor, vapor production and where they lack the most, wicking. Now if you’re using a clearomizer type tank, such as the CE series, the T2 and 3 or any of the BCC’s, then you know all too well about the on-going wicking issues. I promise you, they all start off well for the most part… until one day they miraculously stop wicking as well. You’re then left with the same outcome of pulling on the drip tip without firing, loosening your tank to allow air and even flipping the rubber grommet inside. We’ve seen it with the T3, the ever popular Vivi Nova and sadly to say… but the EVOD too.

EVOD Bottom Coil Changeable

From the first tank fill on the EVOD, it started up great – a bit airy, but overall a solid vape. There was no burnt taste on the start-up, it seemed to take the e-liquid fine, but after that first tank… that’s when it showed its true colors. I honestly love the way these BCC’s vape, but when it comes down to it, they still have a slight wicking issue. With the EVOD, you can tell the manufacturers are starting to get it a bit more. The EVOD wicks the best I’ve used as far as these tanks go – but I’m not really one to settle for less and I would imagine many of you aren’t either.


West Coast Vape Supply

Being that I’m not going to settle for less with these tanks, I got a new lower Ohm coil (2.3) and I did what everyone does with these tanks – I removed the top wick. Once I removed one of the wicks from the coil, that’s when the EVOD came to life. Believe me when I say this, doing that is like night and day. Since using the lower Ohm coil and removing a wick from the EVOD, I have yet to take a dry pull, I get a much better throat hit and the flavor is coming through better as well. I’m surprised that I’m saying this, but I think I can finally let go of my beloved Boge cartomizers.

These tanks are where it’s at, they’re just easier to use, give a much crisper taste and for me… perform great too.

The EVOD looks sleek. I really like that the liquid can’t be seen except through the sight window and it gives my eVic a look of fulfillment… like it was meant for this device. Where it says “EVOD BCC”, it sits just above the top cap on my eVic. These BCC’s have surely grown on me.


Overall: The EVOD is a perfect tank, and that it’s bottom coil changeable, it makes things much easier to fill and replace. It produces a good amount of vapor, a nice and even throat hit, and overall performs how a tank should. The EVOD looks great and the sight window serves its purpose along with adding to the eye candy of any personal vaporizer.

If you’re interested in purchasing an EVOD, visit or

(Thanks to Crimson Vapor for the coil!)


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  • Although I haven’t tried the EVOD I have tried the T2,T3 etc. by Kanger. I didn’t like the airy draws and most of all the Gurgling draws. I like the DC I clear 16 & 30 Tanks . The vape is much warmer then the Bottom coil Kangers and the flavor is outstanding. I like variety so I think I’ll try the EVOD with the top wick removed and compare the difference to the T3. Mahalo for the helpful tips and great reviews. Aloha!

    • I prefer the EVOD personally. I experienced the same as you with the T3, but the EVOD performs great once you remove that top wick. Once you get it, I would love to hear your opinion.

  • I have several EVOD BCC tanks, and have preferred them highly over other tanks I’ve tried, but I’m curious about what you did as far as removing the top wick on this tank. You said it greatly improved its performance and vapor production. I’m already pretty satisfied with this tank, and am curious to try what you mentioned to see if I can be even happier. Could you go into detail on what modification you did on the wicking?

    • Jason, I’ll do ever better than that – I’ll make a video tomorrow of removing the top wick and post it here for you.



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