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NJOY’s New Online Video Ad Features Courtney Love

The setting of wealth and elegance in this high-end themed online video ad for ecig company NJOY. The video starts off with the look of an high-end background, then the camera focusing its attention to a lady bedazzled with classic big jewelry, a typical over powdered face for that time and her chin held high or in other words, like her shit doesn’t stink. To the right a black dressed woman walks up and shakes her head in disgust, then nods in Courtney Love’s direction.

This lady of wealth or as if she’s royalty moves towards the window where Courtney Love is, and on her way splitting conversations. As the lady approaches, Courtney Love is staring out of the window, relaxed and obviously enjoying a nice vape from her electronic cigarette. With the ladies horribly faked British accent she says “Excuse me… You know you can’t smoke in here”. Courtney Love does a quick look over and blowing vapor into the woman’s direction, then says “Relax, it’s a fuckin NJOY”. The lady is left with a look of shock as Courtney walks away. After the NJOY logo appears, it shows a small glimpse of the same lady standing at the window puffing on an ecig.

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Actually using Courtney Love’s on-going foul mouth in an e-cig ad was bold, but at the same time brilliant. There wasn’t any info on where you can use it or if it was even an electronic cigarette, just a simple and direct reply with the ecig brand name – of course leaving the viewers interested in that name “NJOY”. This video also portrays Courtney as the bad ass in the long run. The wealthy lady starts off as being the strict, proper and in charge type and is then bombarded by a large load of badass’ness.

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