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Why Some Electronic Cigarette Users Aren’t Ready To Kick The Habit
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Why Some Electronic Cigarette Users Aren’t Ready To Kick The Habit

While some electronic cigarette users are ready and aimed to kick the habit, many others aren’t ready to throw in the towel just yet.

Coming into the world of electronic cigarettes, you would think that every former smoker has their long-term sight set on completely removing the word ‘cigarette’ from their vocabulary, but that isn’t the case for Brian and many others.

I started smoking when I was 12 years old. I started vaping in roughly the middle of 2010 because not only was my wife’s asthma acting up, but my daughters had developed asthma.  I saw how scared my daughters were when they’d have an attack and couldn’t breathe and decided that I can’t do this to them, so I started looking at alternatives that the smoking cessation program in the Army was not using (The Army tried to get me to quit, patches, pills, gums, shots, and cognitive rehabilitation didn’t work on me).

It’s at this point that I put my Google-fu to good use and came across  I ordered their auto-battery “Volcano” model of ecig, several maximum strength cartridges, and overnighted the package. The day it arrived was the day I quit smoking.  Within two weeks I was not coughing (and my wife and kids weren’t having asthma attacks) and I was able to walk up a flight of stairs without losing my breath.  Within 2 months I was able to take long walks with my wife and kids without hacking up a lung.  By month 5 I had forgotten what it felt like to cough and feel out of breath even when playing outside with the kids.

Because vaping exposes me to only the nicotine of an analogue cigarette and not the other chemicals and tar, I’m able to get my nicotine fix without causing further harm to my body, without causing further harm to my wife and kids, and without being a smelly nightmare to the rest of the public.  The reason why I feel no reason to quit is because after all of the studies that have been done and the benefits that I’ve already mentioned, there’s no harm in continuing an activity that I enjoy.  I enjoy the activity of vaping more so than I ever enjoyed the activity of smoking, I enjoy being able to vape and immediately after being able to kiss my wife without fearing that she’ll be tasting an ash tray, I enjoy the fact that I can continue this activity without causing her or my children any harm, and I enjoy not having to go outside in the cold weather when I want my nicotine fix.  It’s a win all around and I haven’t even touched on the cost savings which speak for themselves.

Brian T. – Rogaland, NO

I am an addict. I also have COPD. I’ve been vaping for about 18 months and while some of my doctors don’t approve, my pulmonary doctor was the one who steered me in this direction. I’m afraid that I have to admit that I still smoke at least one cigarette in the morning. Vaping has made a tremendous difference in my life and in my breathing. I smoked for about 40 years and the 15-20 were non-filters. I generally use a volcano when I can but while I’m at work the new light weight disposable ones are a better fit.

Ted K. – Florida, US

I smoked for 27 years and never wanted to stop. I have now vaped for 3+ years. Still at 12mg with no plans to change that. I don’t plan to quit as I like it. I find it calms me. Me being calm-er is good for everyone.

Jeannie K. – Pennsylvania, US

I smoked for 37 years (approx 2 packs a day). I’ve been vaping for 3 years as of July 5th, 2013. I’ve never wanted to stop smoking , just knew it would kill me. I love vaping as it gives me the sensation and feel of smoking with greatly reduced health risks. I love big clouds of vapor and the ability to vape, even in places where it’s not allowed. I also love that it has become a hobby… and not just a habit.

Michael M. – New York, US

I smoked for 7 1/2 years and have been vaping about three months straight, but before that I vaped whenever I was around buddies that had them – so I first tried it two years ago. I don’t plan on quitting because I love all the never-ending variety’s. It turned from more of an addiction, to a hobby for me. And I’ve always loved the feeling nicotine gives me. To me its a healthier alternative to something that I’ve always loved, I just didn’t like the health effects of cigarettes and all the congestion in my throat.

Ryan T. – Utah, US


I smoked for 25 years, for 18(ish) of those years I smoked a pack a day. I have been vaping for just about 15 months. I don’t want to quit vaping because I love it. I love that I can get nicotine without hurting myself or others around me. I love that now I smell like my perfume instead of perfume and cigarettes. I can’t say that I will never lower my nic or that I will never quit vaping, but neither are in the plans right now.

Amy J. –  Illinois, US

I am 21 and was a smoker for 5 years. I have been vaping for over one year with no cigarettes and do not plan on stopping. See, I never became addicted to cigarettes because of the nicotine,  it was the motion of smoking, the whole action behind it that was addictive to me. Well vaping replaces that, it is different from smoking… but then again it shouldn’t be the same as smoking. Regardless, vaping is something I love to do …just as how I loved smoking and stopping is out of the question for me.

Brian T. – North Carolina, US

I smoked cigarettes for 40 years. I have been vaping since Oct. 15, 2011. I don’t plan to quit or reduce nicotine because I’m just glad to be off of cigarettes. I thought I would smoke until I died. Also, I enjoy the many different flavors of the eliquids.

Michael P. – Virginia, US

I smoked 2-1/2 packs a day for 30 years and quit when I started vaping 3-1/2 years ago.  I really don’t see a need to quit vaping as I enjoy it.

Mark D. –  Virginia, US

Although some may think it, E-Cigs aren’t quit smoking devices (better said ‘quit nicotine devices’? – and although they can be used for that). The electronic cigarette is an alternative to tobacco use and a nicotine replacement. The vapers in the above quotes came into this world of electronic cigarettes because they didn’t want to stay a victim to the traditional cigarette, yet wanting to still keep nicotine in their life’s.

Where some may have wanted to completely eliminate nicotine in their long-term goal, others actually enjoy it.  See, nicotine isn’t just for fulfilling your addiction.  Nicotine is also used for many ways that users can enjoy.  Whether it be used as a stress relief aid, improving immediate and long-term memory, or improving your attention, learning and reaction time.

Kicking the habit for traditional cigarettes may be quite the task, but when it comes to electronic cigarettes it turns into less of an addiction and more of a hobby.  With so much eye candy and technology in electronic cigarettes today, I wouldn’t say kicking the habit isn’t hard, but with new devices and accessories coming out what seems like almost every week it doesn’t push you in the direction to quit.

Using electronic cigarettes is a choice and there is no ecig rule book that says you can’t keep vaping or enjoying it. Surprisingly, many ecig users aren’t ready to kick the habit, and that’s okay. You enjoy nicotine and it just happens to come from a better alternative to smoking. I leave you with a few words from a good friend at Ecig Advanced…

Contrary to the opinion of some, not everyone “wants” to quit smoking in the first place. While part of the addiction is tactile, part is chemical and part is social, it’s not often mentioned that smokers love smoking, very deeply. It’s not just a collective of habits, it’s a part of your identity and the way you approach each day, each situation. And this shouldn’t be taken as just a tribute to how addictive cigarettes are, it’s also an explanation of just how enjoyable smoking is. It’s like trying to quantify or categorize the enjoyment one gets out of a good cup of coffee, or a meal that’s prepared just so.

But smoking kills and smokers know that. For some, this knowledge just doesn’t overcome the love of smoking, or the addiction.

So now we have found something that is less harmful and it actually still captures that same feeling. We’re not smoking anymore and we feel tremendously better in every aspect of our lives for it. But we’re still in love- it’s just vapor now.

Kevin Burke –

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