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Sunrise Daydream E-Liquid Review
sunrise daydream
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Sunrise Daydream E-Liquid Review

Our top selling flavor, and it’s finally for sale! Sunrise Daydream is a super-sweet, super exotic tasting blend, although we are not inclined to discuss what goes in the mix because we keep that a secret. Try it, you’ll love it.

So this is my first tasting from Big Bang Ecigs, and I’m nothing short of pleased with this first signature flavor. After looking on their site at some of the others, I noticed some very unique and interesting names, but this Sunrise Daydream was the first to pull me in. The name itself just speaks smooth, fruitful and delicious – Okay, so you see I’m sold from just the name, what about the flavor?

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This Sunrise Daydream e-liquid is absolutely delicious. The juice description gave me no clue as to what this signature mix is, but there is a flavor that shines through and that I’ve become acquainted with sometime back… Pomegranate. The pomegranate isn’t as strong as what I’ve tasted in other juices and this Sunrise Daydream seems to have a small hint of something else to give it a relaxed type taste. I’ve almost vaped myself silly trying to pin-point what it is, so I’ll leave that part up to you.

With this very smooth flowing vape, the throat hit is pretty much non-existent. I’m not sure on the PG/VG ratio, but it seems like a 60/40, putting off a good solid amount of vapor. (2.0ohm Boge carto – 5volts)

Overall: I think this juice is one of the better pomegranates that I’ve tasted, not because the others were bad, but because this one had more that went into the mix. It isn’t as strong and had a very smooth feel to it. Sunrise Daydream tastes delicious and I would definitely recommend trying it.

If you’re interested in Sunrise Daydream or any other delicious flavors like this, visit

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