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5 Helpful Tips When Choosing The Best Advanced Personal Vaporizer

With the vast amount of APV’s (Advanced Personal Vaporizers or Mod) that has bombarded the market lately and the newly created ones that arise each month, choosing the best one can become frustrating. Here’s 5 tips to help you make the best choice when ordering your device.

1. Store

The first thing to decide on is a store or vape shop. Finding an honest and dependable store can be a make it or break it deal for me when it comes to purchasing devices. You’ll want to choose a known store or if you’re looking to experiment with a newer store, at least check the customer reviews for multiple of different products they offer. Look for the experiences customers have had, the quality of the products they sell and what the turn-around time is for getting products shipped to you.

2. Brand

Choose a reputable brand name, one that has had previous reviews of in their line of products. Search the difference between one brand versus another. Brand is a huge factor, but one may offer a better warranty or carry a more quality of product than another.

3. Quality

Make sure the product you’re interested in is quality built and has been tested by the company and/or reputable reviewers. There are many devices on the market and more being created and released each month, so don’t jump the gun on your purchase. If you have to hold out until you find that quality device which will suit you best, then do it. Also remember that you get what you pay for. If you buy a $30 APV, it of course won’t compare to a $100 APV.

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4. Features

Make your focal point on a device with safety features and functions that will fit your vape style. While some devices may focus on appearance, like a pretty screen, others may focus on features that will help you in the long run, like safety features and functions that help you create a perfect vape. It’s up to you to decide what is best for you.

5. Warranty

When looking at the more expensive devices, always buy with confidence in knowing the company supplies a warranty with the device. If the product page doesn’t mention anything about a warranty, contact the company and ask them if they offer one. Even some of the lower priced devices may offer some type of warranty.

These tips are an overall helpful guide when purchasing an APV. I know those shiny chrome bodies and high power outputs may entice you, but don’t be afraid to wait for the device that fits you best. Scope the field, learn about what you’re planning to purchase and after you’ve finally got your device in your hands, you’ll know that you chose the best advanced personal vaporizer.

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