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The Other Guys

For you interested online vapers that love to bombard the many vaping shows, chats and forums – Try something different… like a show that isn’t just about vaping! We’re online discussing e-cig related stuff a lot, probably more than we really should, and I know you have a life other than vaping, so visit the other guys.

Three words used to describe The Other Guys Network. A crew of outlaws coming together to bring you tunes, comedy, stunts and overall obnoxious shenanigans. From verbal assaults to whiskey enemas, we’ve done it all. Stop on by and say hello, we’re a friendly bunch!

These guys are killing the audience with good times and laughter, just check out one of the testimony’s from an actual viewer:

“I’d rather eat 10lbs of dryer lint than watch this half-assed piece of shit internet show.”

West Coast Vape Supply


11am-1pm MayHAM w/Furbush
Random Fill-ins

1-3pm More MayHAM w/Furbush
8-10pm Pirate Radio w/Leezrd

More Random Shenanigans

9am-11am Morning Whisky w/Schlitzy
8-10pm Dj Dzienutz and Vapamous Dog

6-8pm MayHAM w/Furbush
8-10pm The Lone Star Power Hour w/DJ Double Barrel
10pm to whenever! The Other Guys w/ JD and pseudus

Visit them at:

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