The Plume Room Giveaway (Giveaway Is Done)
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The Plume Room Giveaway (Giveaway Is Done)

Our good friends at sent me over a little package to giveaway here at GTV… so who wants it?

Congrats To Russell for being our 66th Commenter and winning this awesome prize!

Out of 74 participants, Russell’s number was chosen using Random Generator.

Here’s Russell’s Comment: “Maryland resident. Like Mrs. Casey, I’ve been vaping for 2 years and 2 months.Thanks for the opportunity !!!”

  • 6x 5ml Bottles of E-Liquid
  • 1x $30 Gift Certificate

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  • I live in Missouri and have been vaping for about 4 months. I decided to quit smoking after smoking for over 40 years. Vaping has allowed me to give up tobacco for the first time in 40 years and I’ll never go back. Vaping has all the benefits and none of the disgusting results of smoking.

  • I live in Georgia and have been vaping since Oct 2011, shortly after my Father passed away from lung cancer. Fingers crossed that I gave up in time.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss. I don’t know your age, but there is never an easy time to lose a parent. Like you, I’ve given up the awful cigarettes for the much better vaping. I know this – in terms of lung disease, cancer, emphysema etc., there is more going on than just genetics. In addition to that, from the moment you quit smoking your lungs begin to heal. There is no bad time to stop smoking and I say congratulations to us both.

  • I live in Wisconsin and have been vaping since feb 7 2012 I use to smoke for 15 yrs before I started vaping and it was the best decision ive ever made!!!! I actually got my wife to quit and start vaping with me!!!!

  • I’m in the Atlanta area and have been vaping for just under a month now. Vaping’s helped keep me alive since my heart attack 6 months ago.

  • I live in northern Kentucky, where there the B&M doesn’t exist. Been vaping since Jan 2011, but I have yet to try TPR. Been dying to get some of that peach.

  • I live in the New York City area (Long Island) and am pretty new to vaping. Only been vaping since December 2012. Had my last “regular” cigarette the same day I had my first e-cigarette. I would love to try some new juices, still trying to find that “all day vape”.

  • I live in Ohio, I started vaping 5/2 (5 days ago). Awesome! Still trying to get the basics hammered out/try new juices.

  • My name is Liz. I live in a little 1/2 horse town in Texas (Jacksboro). I have been vaping for about 7 months. Had been with the coughing nails for 42 years!!!

  • My name is Carrissa and I have been vaping off and on for about 2 years, full time for 8 months. I live in Happy Valley, OR

  • My name is Brandon from California and I have been vaping for 4 month and have quit smoking cigars! (I use to smoke 5 a day!)

  • I live in MD, and I’ve been vaping for a little over six weeks. Haven’t touched a cigarette since the end of March!

  • I live in Oklahoma. I have been vaping for about 5 months ago. It has been wonderful for me and my son who has Cystic Fibrosis, I don’t have to worry about him getting sick from being around me any more!

  • I have just started vaping a few weeks ago and I am telling everyone I know about it! I am so excited to finally be rid of cigarettes and all the disgusting smells and health risks that go along with them! Everyone needs to vap!

  • Oregon – started vaping nine weeks ago, and I still have the half a pack of Marlboro reds I had when my first kit arrived in the mail. Haven’t felt any temptation to go back to burning weeds wrapped in paper!

  • I live in Oklahoma City, OK and have been vaping for almost two months now. I’m still trying vendors and spending way too much. I think I’m addicted to vape mail. I’d like to give your juices a shot some time, they sound yummy!

  • From Norcal been Vaping since january 4th, I also started my own vape consulting business to help friends and family quit smoking.

  • Im from washington and i’ve been vaping for about 2 months now. I went from smoking over a pack of cigarettes a day to only vaping.

  • Hello and thanks for telling the world how much The Plume Room rocks 🙂 I am a fan of many of their liquids… I’ve been vaping since the beginning of the year and TPR has been one of my favorite vendors since the very beginning.

  • I have been Vaping since October 18, 2012. Gave up analogs on that same day. Not one since. Couldn’t do that with other methods, I know I have tried them all and failed miserably. I live in Kentucky. Wish we had brick and mortar vape shops here.

  • I live in Alabama now, and have been vaping since 2010. Have talked my twin sister, my younger sister, my niece and my aunt and uncle into quitting analogs and into vaping. LOL, now I’ve started in on various folks who work with me, the latest being my professional dog handler. I’ll never go back, love it!

  • My name is Joe, I live in NYC and I’ve been vaping for 2 months thanks to the encouragement and starter kit from my younger brother. My sense are coming back and I’ve convinced my girlfriend and a few friends to join me by quitting smoking.

  • I live in Southeast Georgia. My last cig was April 29, 2013. So I haven’t been vaping long, but I’m proud of myself. Never been able to quit before.

  • I live in Dayton, Ohio. I have been vaping since May fifth of 2012. I was a smoker for over 20 years and I can’t believe I have not touched an analog in over a year.

  • My name is dusten I smoked for 15 years till i found BloNo Smoke in IL when i bought my first starter kit and became a vaper and have been smoke free for 3 months now and loving it.

  • Hello MyFriends, Shannon here from the MileHigh city of Denver, Colorado. I’ve been vaping for three weeks now and like it allot more then I thought; And have quit smoking cigarettes very comfortably. I was a carton of Marlboro Blacks every two weeks smoker and now I’m an Aroma Ejuice guy. Much to my surprise I am seeing the same results from friends and family with no effort. Thanks G2V for making vaping easier!

  • I live in Bradenton, FL and have been vaping for about a year and a half now. I love the variety of juices and mods out there and have never felt better! My health has improved so much. I was a smoker for 17 years.

  • I live in Boynton beach fl I have been vaping for around 6 months. I love all the different choices of jucies. I smoked 2-3 packs a day for over 30 years started vaping just to cut down within 2-3 days stop smoking and have not looked back. Have turned on alot of my friends and we all love vaping

  • I live in Florida and have been vaping for 5 months. Yay quit the ciggies. Looking forward to try TPR’s juices. Have heard great things about them. Thank you and good luck to all

  • I live in California and have been Vaping for 2 years 2 months and I’d love to try Plume Room Juice! Thanks for the chance!

  • Maryland resident. Like Mrs. Casey, I’ve been vaping for 2 years and 2 months.Thanks for the opportunity !!!

  • Texan transplant in Alabama, been vaping for almost exclusively for 6 months now, woo hoo, almost half a year!!

  • Thank you to The Plume Room, I’ve heard great things about your liquids and I cannot wait to try them.
    I’m very thankful to win this prize, you just don’t know !!!
    Thanks also for GuideToVaping !!!!




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