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Summer Peach E-Liquid Review
summer peach eliquid review
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Summer Peach E-Liquid Review

If you’re looking for a full flavored, deliciously made peach flavor – welcome to The Plume Room!

The best way I can describe this Summer Peach E-Liquid by “TPR” or better known as The Plume Room, is to just say it’s solid and strictly peachy. There is no other flavors that are thrown into the mix, no undertones, nothing over-powering, just a full and fruitful summer… peach. The flavor is strong and being that it has one focused flavor, you get all the peach you can handle.

A throat hit doesn’t exist in this flavor unless you’re pounding your mouth with some high voltage device – so don’t expect any otherwise. A peach is meant to be smooth and delicious, relaxing and just like the name says, it’s purely a summer peach.


Coming from the SMOK Groov at a steady 5.0V, a Boge cartomizer with a 2.2Ohm resistance, this e-liquid is producing plumes of vapor. Being that the recommended PG/VG percentage is set at 50/50, I’m sure that’s what it’s at. Full thick plumes of vapor is what you’ll get from Summer Peach.

Overall: This summer is going to be a blast, especially with eliquids like this Summer Peach flavor. It’s a vape for the beach, under the hot sun and your favorite beverage beside you – a perfect and “sigh… ahhh” vape!

I would also like to point out that the label on this Summer Peach e-liquid bottle (and all other TPR bottles) specifies the name of the flavor, the milligram strength, a lot number (or batch number), and an expiration date. In my opinion, good manufacturing and an awesome and reliable addition to your e-liquid purchase. Props to you Plume Room!

If you’re interested in this Summer Peach E-Liquid or any other flavor like this, visit

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