Peach Green Tea E-Liquid Review
peach green tea e-liquid review
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Peach Green Tea E-Liquid Review

Here’s another of Pink Spot Vapor’s delicious flavors bottled up just for your picky taste buds. Out of the many flavors I’ve received from PSV, they seem to never let me down by offering a smooth and tasty vape.

Being that I’ve never tried a green tea beverage, I wasn’t too thrilled on trying this flavor. Though the peach sounds exciting, I’ve been holding this bottle back for one of those experiment days – that’s until my Wife and I was going through the different flavors we had packed away and she found Peach Green Tea E-Liquid from

After her new find, she told me that she was sure it would be a good one, not only because it comes from PSV, but also because it has our favorite flavor, which is peach, and she just happens to be what seems like a tea fanatic (I’m more of a drink a good ‘ol coke type-uh-guy). – Alright, let’s give it a shot!

From the first pull, you can definitely tell that the Green Tea stands out the most and its undertone being the Peach. It’s a soft mixture of flavors, nothing too bold and nothing too bitter. Both flavors seem to manage a way to balance themselves out. Though the Green Tea does stand out a bit more, this right mixture of peach is what in my opinion gives it that delicious, smooth and laid back taste. Can you tell that I like the peach flavor?


Sitting at 5.0V and matched with a 2.2Ohm Boge cartomizer, I get no throat hit. I’m sure the PG/VG percentage stands at the default of all other PSV juices. Just like with my many other favorite e-liquid flavors to vape, I don’t prefer a throat hit in this one either – so we’re on the clear in that category.

Vapor production is huge, something I’ve received from every vape of PSV e-liquid. Expect nice and thick clouds from this Peach Green Tea.

Overall: I wish I could compare the Green Tea to something I’ve tried, but I just haven’t. It’s never raised interest to me until I got a good vape from this Peach Green Tea E-Liquid. The Peach has just the right mixture as an undertone to this flavor and happens to be one of my favorite flavors to begin with. This juice was already headed in the right track with the Peach, for me at least. It’s a smooth and overall delicious vape that I wouldn’t mind revisiting.

If you’re interested in Peach Green Tea E-Liquid or any other delicious flavors like this, visit

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