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The Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes For Diabetics
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The Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes For Diabetics

It’s widely known that smoking tobacco cigarettes is obviously a health hazard, but for diabetics who smoke or people of high risk of developing the disease, it’s much worse. However, there are benefits of electronic cigarettes for diabetics.

For a long time doctors knew smoking made diabetes worse, but they were not sure which of the 4,000 chemicals in tobacco cigarettes were responsible. That is until a Professor did a study that exposed human blood samples to nicotine. diabetes1The Professor found that nicotine raised the level of hemoglobin A1c (Measure of blood sugar control). The normal A1c level is 4.5 to 6 percent. Studies showed that nicotine caused levels of A1c to rise by as much as 34 percent in a diabetic smoker.

Now that we know that nicotine causes problems with controlling blood sugar levels, lets look further into the risk of serious complications. Researchers have learned that diabetic people who smoke have higher blood sugar levels and their disease is more difficult to control. Complications consist of blindness, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and nerve damage.

Some doctors even warn diabetics from using electronic cigarettes. The reason is, it is considered a nicotine delivery system by means of a mixed solution that contains nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and assorted flavorings. This solution is referred to as E-Liquid. However, many do not know that this e-liquid doesn’t always have nicotine. In fact, there are many electronic cigarette users who aren’t addicted nor use nicotine, but still continue to use them. These type of e-cig users or “vapers”, call themselves “No-Nic Vapers” – referred from an electronic cigarette user who uses the same e-liquid as others, but without nicotine.

Cigarettes are not safe for anyone. However, if a person is already smoking, diabetic or not, it is possible that the e-cigarettes are a little safer for them. Yes, they are still getting nicotine, but they are not getting carbon monoxide nor most of the carcinogens found in cigarette smoke. While it is better not to smoke at all, if you feel you must, e-cigarettes may be a safer equivalent to cigarettes.


An Electronic Cigarette (E-Cig) is a battery-powered device that vaporizes a liquid (E-Liquid) solution, simulating the act of tobacco smoking. Typically a smoker would think that the nicotine is the only addiction to a tobacco cigarette, but in reality, it’s a combination of addictive chemicals and actions. There are more than 4,000 chemicals in a tobacco cigarette, and very few, but very addictive and repetitive actions. These actions or smoking cessations are the repetitive inhaling of smoke, holding a cigarette, hand to mouth and many more.

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With an e-cigarette the user can simulate the act of smoking, but with or without nicotine. And of course, the e-cigarette user will also be eliminating the other 4,000 harmful chemicals in a tobacco cigarette. man vapingThe user can continue the repetitiveness of hand to mouth movements, the act of holding a cigarette, along with many other said actions, like inhaling and exhaling smoke (or in this case, vapor).

The great thing about electronic cigarettes is the ability of control when using an e-cig or as some call it “Vaping”. The user has the ability to control the amount of power the device outputs, depending on the type of electronic cigarette being used. In addition, the user can also control the draw and resistance of an atomizer, which in turn can increase or decrease the amount of vapor being produced. With this type of control, the e-cigarette user can continually maintain a level of satisfaction that they’ve once enjoyed with tobacco cigarettes.

The benefits of electronic cigarettes for diabetics is that they can still receive the same amount of satisfaction and enjoyment that they have become accustomed to, but not forced to deal with the same serious risks that come with tobacco cigarettes. Diabetics that once enjoyed this act of smoking can continue, but now with a choice of nicotine or “no-nic”.

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In this Live Poll I would like to know how many current diabetic smokers would like to continue the same amount of satisfaction they receive from smoking, but without the harmful contents of a tobacco cigarette. Maybe these results will encourage diabetic smokers to give electronic cigarettes a try and to show them other diabetic smokers are willing to as well.


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    Personal POV: I would like to thank my Father In-law for the idea and interest in this article. Though he doesn’t smoke nor vape, he is very much still concerned for people with diabetes, as he is one himself.

    I know that smoking is not only addictive, but there is a sense of enjoyment also. I was interested in this topic because I feel that electronic cigarettes can provide diabetics with the same enjoyment of smoking, but without the nicotine in e-liquid.

    – Eric E.

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    Blake Brown

    Blake is the owner and creator of the Guide To Vaping blog. He has expressed his passion for the vaping industry through his deeply rooted and highly informative content. Being a writer and content provider for the vaping industry for year's, Blake has also gained experience from working with multiple blogs and well respected companies.


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    • Sad to inform that after vaping 0nic my diabetes spiked over 350 to 400 due to pg/vg..70/30
      Had to be put on lots of meds and still trying to control it :(.Warning in any blu cig .Only company that really post a warning for diabetes.

      • i agreed with you i used that e cig newly after that i got some discomfort . i took sugar test that is : fasting – 165 mg/dl and pp : 265 mg/dl I shocked to see this because i am a low sugar person before my sugar level is F – 65 mg/dl ,pp – 95 mg dl now i am struggling to get it normal.

    • I am having the same problem. My husband and I stared using an e cigg 11 months ago. I was already a diabetic but my husband was not, He IS NOW!! My sugar has been high and uncontrolled. Not sure what to do we do not want to go back to cigaretts but do not want the high sugars. I have been searching and can not find one that does not have sugar in its base

    • […] Eric was inspired by these devices, even though he didn’t use them nor smoked, and he even had an idea for an article that he wanted me to research and write about. After talking a while about it, we came up with the article “The Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes for Diabetics” – You can visit that article here. […]

    • I am a diabetic who has recently purchased an E-cig product called Lizard Juice and as all you consumers have written the same for me as now my blood sugar is up to 180 in the AM as compared to 130 and I am having a hard time getting it back down. Thank you very much for putting my mind to ease as I was wondering why salads and starving myself wasn’t working and I had a hunch it was the Propylene Glycol used in the vapor. I did some research and found out it has a lot of “carbs”. Now what, smoke or go cold turkey hmmm

    • Hi all… I am high level blood sugar type 2. I have researched e-juice contents and please listen to my findings. 1. PG_propylene glycol is the problem. PG is actually glucose based so the higher the PG the more sugar you inhale. If you want to vape you might want to try making your own blends ( small amounts and test sugar levels.) Or buy VG_ vegtable glycerin and use e-juice calculator to up the VG in you bought juice. PG gives less smoke I think and the sweet ness. VG is the smoke/vapor plume..try 50PG/50VG…OR invert your mix.40PG/60VG. Also if you have to have nicotine you can buy nicotine juice in 25-100mg. E-juice calculator does the work for you…but nicotine juice is dangerous…really bad if contact with skin(dead dangerous for animals and kids) so wear gloves and keep locked away.. nicotine juice is also how you quit, you lower the nicotine level as you go and bang you are at 0mg and still gaping.. don’t worry about comment 25-100mg juice it just means 100mg you use 1ml (100mg) to 4ml for (25mg). But again keep in mind 25mg bad but 100mg is 4x stronger so 100mg really dead if skin contact. Always wash hands like surgeon after handling…even if none on skin.
      YouTube making e-juice. A lot of people who have been vaping long time actually explain it well…most juices (PG/VG) can be bought legally on internet. You need medical grade, NOT FOOD GRADE. Medical grade is in asthma puffers and food. Food grade is only used in food…and should never be inhaled.
      But consult doctor before trying to make your own e-juice. Some people may not be able to vape. It is liquid inhaling…also another problem….. VG HIGH liguids also thicker and shortens life of coils in vape pens…but just buy clearmizer,atomized and buy extra coils and replace..
      1year cigarette(tobacco)=$5000
      1year vaping $500-$1000
      You so maths…
      hope this helps people…taken me months to find info and months for juices but it is worth it.. but you do get funny looks if you vaping in public…

      • you dont have to get nicotine in 25-100 mg. there are uncountable amounts of companies that make nicotine levels down to 3 mg or even 1.5 mg. you obviously didn’t do much research into the nicotine levels because it is fine to touch deluted nicotine in at least 50 mg. i can understand having 100 mg juice being dangerous but i doubt there is a vaper alive that can stomach 40 mg nicotine.

    • I was checked 3 months ago and my a1c was 6.5. My blood sugar was 95 while taking Metformin twice a day with spikes of 160 in the day. I started vaping no nicotine to get off cigarettes. Its been 5 hours since i ate and my blood sugar is 322! I feel like crap and have very high glucose in my urine. Im chucking the vape and going to use pure will to stay off cigarettes. Very scary

      • it took a long time for me to become a little expert in the vaping world. now i know how to make my own lovely liquids and use a nice mod that gives lots of vapor. with good products the pleasure of vaping is far more greater than smoking. finally everything was perfect. i could not imagine it was possible to ”smoke” without destroying your lungs and saving lots of money. but the dream became a nightmare at my last blood check. the sugar levels were crazy!! after a whole night taking no food, just vaping. since then i refused to blame to my new ”healthy” habit but after reading many forums i have to accept what is obvious…HIGH RISK OF DIABETES….SHIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!



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