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Electronic Cigarette Sales Soar as Holiday Season Kicks Off
Electronic Cigarette News
Electronic Cigarette News

Electronic Cigarette Sales Soar as Holiday Season Kicks Off

One of the leading electronic cigarette companies, South Beach Smoke, announced a sales increase of over 60% in the last two weeks. They commented on the increase by stating, We (at South Beach Smoke) are obviously happy to see such a higher than normal increase in sales which not only speaks to the quality of our products but also the growing interest in electronic cigarettes in general.

In 2010, there was an increase in search volume on Google, according to Google Insights, for the term “electronic cigarettes” by 80% over the average during the months of November, December and January, signaling a peak interest in the product around the Holiday Season.


Many consider electronic cigarette to be a better alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, so in that sense it’s a thoughtful gift. The price for these products also put it in the average gift range. According to the American Research Group, the average Christmas budget for Americans was $ 658 in 2010. Electronic cigarette starter kits from South Beach Smoke sell for as low as $ 29.99.

The increase in sales for electronic cigarettes starting in early October could be a sign not only of strong sales this Holiday Season for electronic cigarettes but also a strong Holiday Season in general for retailers. Either way, the coming weeks and months should be very interesting for the electronic cigarette industry.

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